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In the bustling heart of San Diego, a startup named AllSeater set off to redefine ticket distribution through its innovative platform. Its team recognizes the role of a dynamic online presence for their ambitious business. So AllSeater decided to build its website on  Xperience by Kentico, a modern digital experience platform perfect for fast-growing companies.

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Flexible website for a fast-growing business

AllSeater's product is a platform that enables companies with season tickets to efficiently distribute them through a randomized lottery system, ensuring everyone has a fair chance to attend events. They also offer options to prioritize certain groups and to sell or donate any unused tickets, maximizing the value of the tickets and reducing waste.


The startup was searching for a robust platform capable of adapting to their evolving needs, one that could handle frequent updates without constant developer intervention. Its team wanted to avoid a complex tech stack and looked for a digital platform with robust built-in capabilities.

Together with one of our Gold Partners Red Door Interactive, AllSeater chose Xperience by Kentico. Its robust capabilities and easy scalability were the perfect answer to their needs. The AllSeater team had security concerns around a potential plug-in architecture of some CMS solutions, so it made them happy that all Kentico capabilities for CMS and digital marketing are native to the platform.  

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Before the company launched its new season
 ticket management, the goal of the website was to rise interest in the product and encourage visitors to sign up for news and updates. As soon as the service was launched, the website had to start driving e-commerce conversions and getting users to sign up for a plan and use it.


What does the AllSeater team love the most about their new Xperience by Kentico? Firstly, the admin interface is super-fast. Secondly, the hybrid headless architecture of Xperience by Kentico enables content to be used on other channels, but you avoid the drawbacks of a pure headless system that must be built from scratch.

AllSeater sign-up page

The AllSeater team has made great use of Kentico's built-in features. Their website collects contacts through forms and integrates with their ticket management through APIs. When a website user buys one of the plans, their account is automatically created on the AllSeater product platform. Thanks to this clever automation, nobody needs to spend time manually creating accounts, and it’s much faster.  

To manage their content with multiple channels in mind, AllSeater uses Kentico’s Content Hub - a central content library for the website, email, and other channels. This way, the team can create and update their product descriptions, FAQs, subscription plans, and pricing in one place and display them wherever they need.

Web pages are built in an intuitive visual editor with the WYSIWYG approach – the Kentico Page Builder. Editors use items from the Content Hub and add them to reusable templates and widgets. The templates are flexible, but they ensure all pages contain must-have components such as metadata for SEO.  

How Kentico supports companies like AllSeater in their success:  

Gary Peterson, CEO, AllSeater
Gary Peterson

“I’ve been very impressed with the capabilities of Xperience by Kentico. 

The fact that I can store all my media, update forms, bullet points, FAQ’s, and more in one place gives me great peace of mind when making real-time updates to the website. The admin hub is well organized and easy to use, and it doesn’t take away from the great user experience on the website.”


The new website does exactly what AllSeater needs. It supports its business goals while keeping the development costs under control. The platform is very flexible and agile, so it can adjust in response to the startup's evolving position in the market.  

As the company grows, its platform will grow along. Soon, AllSeater’s team plans to enhance the user experience with personalization, A/B testing, and other features. The great thing is they will have all these ready in Xperience by Kentico, so one platform will serve all their needs. No additional complexity, no growing expenses. 

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Sr. Director, Web & Platform Solutions, Red Door Interactive
Candice Wyatt
Sr. Director, Web & Platform Solutions
Red Door Interactive

Xperience by Kentico has content personalization, email marketing, activity tracking and more, and you get it all for one transparent, easy to understand cost.

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