Hospital Sisters Health System

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Site of the Year 2023
Hospital Sisters Health System

Hospital Sisters Health System includes multiple hospitals and health centers and their websites. They were running on different CMSes, so when the time came to upgrade an older Kentico platform, it was a perfect opportunity to consolidate the system under one roof, unify the user experience, and make work with content more efficient. The results exceeded expectations.

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Multisite solution for long-term success

Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), a healthcare organization with a rich history dating back to 1875, operates in 14 communities across Illinois and Wisconsin, offering a wide range of medical services through over 15 hospitals and numerous health centers. Seeking to modernize its online presence and streamline content management processes, HSHS embarked on a project to develop new websites within the digital experience platform from Kentico.


HSHS envisioned a single top-level system for creating a modern, coherent digital experience across all its brands. They wanted to:  

  • Build a top-level platform for managing 15+ websites  
  • Create websites with a modern, cohesive design
  • Fortify security  
  • Improve accessibility and responsiveness
  • Polish their SEO strategy
  • Help marketers be more efficient

To achieve these goals, HSHS turned to BizStream, our Gold partner digital agency. The team needed to streamline the content administrator experience for managing classes and events, introduce varied content layout options, and address complexities in deploying content across different sites. They also revamped the search capabilities across the websites to meet contemporary standards.

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The new digital experience platform from Kentico provided HSHS with a level of flexibility that enables all branches to share some content and add their own. One of the key components is the Page Builder–a built-in app that allows marketers to create pages and update their content independently in an intuitive visual editor.

BizStream leveraged Kentico’s flexibility to build a custom module for event management. With this functionality, HSHS can create multiple classes and events and collect contacts with Kentico’s ready-to-use Form Builder. Payments are processed through a custom integration with Authorize.Net.

The system is also integrated with Kyruus Provider Search to help users find a doctor and Google Analytics to monitor the site performance.   

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HSHS testimonial
Crystal Albrent
IS Director
Hospital Sisters Health System

The metamorphosis of our website into a dynamic digital hub has been critical to our organization. 

Kentico's platform empowered us with the flexibility necessary to craft a unified online presence while still accommodating the unique needs of our individual hospitals. From seamless content management to personalized user experiences, Kentico has helped our transformation in the way we connect with our patients and colleagues.”


The deployment of the new HSHS website has had positive impact in several areas:  

  • Improved user engagement: Over 1,000 registrations for classes and events during the initial launch period exceeded expectations
  • More visibility: The overall SEO score increased, enhancing the reach of the websites within search engines
  • Better efficiency: Simpler content management processes enabled the marketing team to create and manage content more effectively
  • Future-proof digital experience platform: The technology is supported through frequent refreshes and hotfixes and has a clear roadmap for the future. 

No wonder this fantastic new website for Hospital Sisters Health System won the Heathcare category in Site of the Year 2023!

SOTY 2023 Healthcare winner

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