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Step into the digital hall of fame and behold the winners and honorable mentions of Site of the Year 2023! 

From sleek designs to groundbreaking content models, these websites redefine the digital landscape with creativity, innovation, and technological prowess.

Community Choice award


This year's Community Choice award goes to Blanchard for its stunning new website built by Kentico was selected for its intuitive interface, robust CMS functionalities, adaptability, scalability, integration capabilities, and multilingual support. The objective of the project was to enhance user experience, revitalize branding, boost conversion rates, refine content strategy, and optimize performance. The revamped site showcases improved user experience, heightened traffic, enhanced brand perception, mobile responsiveness, refined content strategy, and streamlined navigation. Congratulations to Blanchard and for this well-deserved success!

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Industry award categories

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BlueModus sought a DXP solution for their brand site, prioritizing marketer tools and robust SEO. Their switch from a headless CMS to Xperience by Kentico was driven by its hybrid-headless benefits and industry-leading roadmap. Despite tight deadlines, Kentico's documentation and Content Hub facilitated seamless migration, ensuring a performant, SEO-optimized website with animations and hybrid content integration. Their new site leverages Kentico's user-friendly interface for content authors, empowering quick content creation and adaptation. Kentico's features, including FormBuilder and email templates, further enhance their digital strategy, with plans for advanced personalization.

Implemented by BlueModus

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Advanced Engergy website

Advanced Energy

SOTY2023 Honorable mention badge

BDO Digital website

BDO Digital

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge


Nowy Styl

Seeking to streamline processes and enhance engagement with stakeholders, Nowy Styl enlisted Infinity Group to build their new site using Kentico. Leveraging personalization, dynamic contact forms, custom newsletter templates, and a robust internal search engine, Infinity also integrated external Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) systems to facilitate efficient resource management and enhance the user experience. The new site offers multilingual access to their product range, automates information transfer, improves complaint handling, enhances sales support, and streamlines service processes.

Implemented by Infinity Group

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Crowley Energy website

Crowley Energy, Buxton Oil, and Ayer & Goss

Fenerbahçe app

Fenerbahçe SuperApp

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

Consumer Goods

Škoda Elektromobilita

With the partneship of Bluesoft, Škoda Auto presents an immersive journey into the world of electromobility with their new Kentico website built in just four months. The site’s showroom-like presentation of available models is aimed at captivating potential customers and converting them into leads. Through integrations with internal Škoda Auto tools and Azure services, the site provides robust filtering capabilities. With features like activity tracking, contact management, and web analytics, this project serves as a powerful sales and marketing tool, offering a comprehensive hub of information for both potential and existing customers.  

Implemented by BiQ Bluesoft

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Niveko website


SOTY 2023 Honorable Mention badge

Alcohol Detection Systems website

Alcohol Detection Systems

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

Education & Careers

Blanchard facilitated a complete redesign and rebuild of the Blanchard website, enhancing its user-friendliness and content management capabilities while supporting a rebranding effort. Kentico was chosen for its ease of use, robust CMS features, versatility, scalability, integration capabilities, and multilingual support. The goal was to improve user experience, modernize branding, increase conversion rates, enhance content strategy, and improve performance. The new site boasts enhanced user experience, increased traffic, better brand perception, mobile responsiveness, optimized content strategy, and streamlined navigation. The site was integrated with Algolia for site search, Marketo for communication, and Uberflip as an external content repository.

Implemented by

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Driestar Onderwijsadvies website

Driestar Onderwijsadvies

Yapı Kredi Yarınlara Kartopu

Entertainment, Hospitality & Tourism

Mainz 05

Mainz 05 has achieved a significant digital milestone with the launch of its website on Xperience by Kentico, in collaboration with kuehlhaus AG and Bluesoft. The platform was chosen for its ability to minimize overhead, maximize ROI, and provide agile tools for digital evolution. Goals included relaunching the website on future-proof technology, optimizing user experience, and streamlining internal workflows. Leveraging the hybrid-headless platform, Mainz 05 now benefits from contact management, audience segmentation, email marketing, and marketing automation, as well as data management, scalability, ecommerce integration, and a seamless customer journey. Having optimized the customer journey across various channels, the successful phased launch sets the stage for implementing digital marketing features in 2024 to further bolster the club's digital capabilities.

Implemented by kuehlhaus and BiQ Bluesoft

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Good Eats

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

ACF Fiorentina

Financial Services

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union

HawaiiUSA FCU partnered with ZAG Interactive to revitalize its online presence and leverage the latest Kentico technology, chosen for its security, scalability, and future growth potential. The project aimed to enhance accessibility, streamline site management, and deliver personalized experiences. ZAG's approach blended out-of-the-box Kentico features with custom development to meet the union's unique objectives. The newly modernized website authentically portrays the credit union's brand, improves user engagement, and supports business goals. Visitors can easily navigate financial products based on their needs, benefiting from personalized experiences tailored to their criteria. With its highly customized design, the website serves as a digital branch, fulfilling business objectives while offering seamless site administration.

Implemented by ZAG Interactive

SOTY 2023 winner badge


SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

Forvis website


SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

Government & Municipal

City of Swan 

The City of Swan, one of Western Australia's largest local governments, needed an improved website to serve its 153,000+ residents. Teaming up with ALYKA, the city initiated a comprehensive project involving Information Architecture (IA) and user research, website design and development, and SEO implementation to address the deficiencies of its previous site. Kentico was selected for its robust security features, scalability, performance, support, and top-tier security. The project aimed to enhance user experience, meet accessibility standards, and introduce self-service options. The new site features advanced search functionality, custom filters, and specialized modules for waste management, events, and park facilities. Additionally, it boasts a modernized brand, improved engagement metrics, and enhanced content accessibility and SEO.

Implemented by ALYKA Pty Ltd

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Texas Association of Counties website

Texas Association of Counties

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

Ohio Lottery website

Ohio Lottery

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge


Hospital Sisters Health System

The Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) partnered with BizStream to revamp its online presence using Kentico. The project involved modernization of the website and individual hospital sites, ensuring long-term viability, security, and scalability. Kentico's Page Builder facilitated the creation of a flexible content management system, while custom modules enhanced event management processes. The project achieved increased SEO scores and exceeded registration expectations. Marketing features like online forms were leveraged, and integrations with Authorize.NET and Kyruus Provider Search were implemented. The collaboration between HSHS and BizStream resulted in a modernized online presence, improved user experience, and enhanced functionality, positioning HSHS for continued success in the digital realm.

Implemented by BizStream

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Fit for Change

BrightStar Care website

BrightStar Care

Industrial Manufacturing

Flow International Corporation

Flow partnered with BlueModus to launch a new website showcasing its precision cutting technology. Kentico was selected for its robust security, scalability, user-friendly interface for marketers, and advanced content management tools, including multilingual capabilities. The project aimed to modernize Flow's CMS technology and elevate its website's role as a lead generator and informational resource for potential customers. Leveraging core features such as multilingual content management, structured product and resource listings, and SEO optimization, the redesigned site boasts a modern layout, enhanced navigation, and improved lead capture mechanisms. These enhancements have led to a significant increase in organic traffic, with a remarkable 78% surge since the website's launch.

Implemented by BlueModus

SOTY 2023 winner badge

Bessey Group

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

ComAp website


NGO and Associations


Turn2us, a leading UK charity dedicated to assisting individuals facing economic challenges enlisted Positive Digital to embark on a significant digital transformation with the launch of a new website on Kentico. The project aimed to enhance accessibility, streamline user support, and ensure a seamless migration from PortalEngine. Leveraging Kentico's API, over 600 pages and 1000 users were successfully migrated, while advanced tools like the Turn2us Benefit Calculator and Beacon CRM were seamlessly integrated. The result was a marked increase in visitors and engagement.

Implemented by Positive Digital

SOTY 2023 winner badge

The Bridgespan Group

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

The CVO website

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario

SOTY 2023 Honorable mention badge

About the contest

The Kentico Site of the Year contest honors partners and clients who craft remarkable digital experiences and excel in providing exceptional user journeys through their websites or apps. These winners showcase excellence in creativity, innovation, content strategy, and technological implementation.

Industry award winners are determined by the Kentico committee based on the highest number of votes garnered.
The Community Choice award winner is chosen via public vote, selected from winners of the industry awards.

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