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With Kentico EMS, you can achieve real-time actionable insight to ensure you deliver exceptional customer experiences, boost your sales, and turn your visitors into lifetime brand advocates.

Marketing Automation

As visitors go through multiple stages during their customer life cycle, Marketing Automation allows you to deliver them the right content and initiate sales activities in a personalized way. Marketing Automation can increase your marketing effectiveness and the ROI of your campaigns through:

Lead nurturing
Deliver engaging content to prospective clients as they go through their buying process and establish yourself as an expert in what you offer.

Complex campaigns
Create personalized campaigns where each step is dictated by previous customer interactions with your brand.

Buyer guidance
Lead buyers through their customer journeys from abandoned shopping carts to requested-but-not-downloaded whitepapers through to purchasing completion.

Engage existing clients
Automate customer onboarding by providing useful tips and educating them on how to get the most out of your products or services.

Easy-to-Manage Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation requires constant adjustments based on what you learn and how your communication strategy evolves. Kentico’s Marketing Automation is designed as a simple drag-and-drop interface so that even non-tech-savvy marketers can create automated campaigns and modify the flow of activities at any time.

Learn more about Marketing-Automation, download the whitepaper or read the quick start guide.

Email Marketing

With Email Marketing in Kentico, you can immediately see how many people opened an email and clicked a link. You can see which content was most engaging and optimize your future mailings based on those results.

Identify the Best Performing Content
With A/B testing, Kentico sends different variables of any email message to segmented target audience members and tracks the ongoing performance of each. When the top performer is identified, it can be sent to a larger audience group for maximized performance.

Ensure High Email Deliverability
In order to make sure your emails are not blocked by spam filters or various ISP anti-spam rules, you can use Kentico with a number of third-party email deliverability services, such as SendGrid and Mandrill.

Design dynamic newsletters that can be sent to the audience automatically on a regular basis. Then, use the information gathered to target more specific audience segments with the most relevant content.

Advanced Marketing Options

  • Subscriber import and management
  • Emails that can be sent for mobile devices
  • Sending test emails
  • Scheduling the mail-out time for later
  • Versioning and rollback to a previous version of email content
  • Subscriber double opt-in
  • Support for sending emails using multiple SMTP servers for higher performance

Learn more about E-mail Marketing, download the whitepaper or read the quick start guide.

A/B and MVT Testing

Kentico’s Online Marketing solution’s built-in A/B and Multivariate (MVT) Testing allow you to use an iterative approach to delivering content to visitors by testing page variations and identifying and optimizing those that work.

When you want to assess two different designs or messages, you can split your audience into those who receive the control version and those who receive the treatment version. Reports help you identify the most successful page. Pre-defining which visitor segments to include in the tests helps you achieve your target results faster. When evaluating riskier changes, you can restrict page traffic to reduce any negative impact. With A/B testing, you can find the design and message that leads to the most conversions.

Full Control

Unlike other similar systems, the fully integrated A/B Testing requires no external applications and allows you to test, manage, analyze, and test again without any technical knowledge.

The interface gives you full control over your tests and their results, meaning you can optimize without having to reroute your ideas through developers, so you can test each detail and identify the page or page elements that have the most effect.

Real-time Reports

Kentico’s Online Marketing solution interface allows you to track the impact of your tests on user behavior with real-time reports. You can monitor which pages or variants are performing best, and identify and perfect the winning versions. You can also use metrics such as conversion goals and counting methodologies.

Learn more about A/B and multivariate testing.

Lead Scoring

Kentico’s built-in Lead Scoring allows you to qualify your leads automatically and give only valuable leads to your sales team. Learn more about your visitors, identify those most likely to become customers, and give your sales a boost.

Define Your Own Lead Scoring Rules

The Lead Scoring module in Kentico allows you to set up your own lead scoring system combining two types of rules:

Demographics – identify the fit of the leads for your company based on their profile values, such as location, title, or completeness of data

Behavioral – identify the level of the leads’ engagement with your company based on their activities, such as visited pages, downloaded documents, or submitted forms

When you identify sales-ready leads, you can have the system send the contact details to the sales team by email, or you can export the lead data into your CRM. Kentico comes with a built-in Salesforce.com connector, and you can enhance lead profiles with additional details from the Data.com database.

Learn more about Lead Scoring, download the whitepaper or read the quick start guide.

Personalization and Segmentation

To get more leads and conversions, you need to present each visitor with content that best matches their interests. Kentico comes with Segmentation, allowing marketers to segment their contacts into groups and deliver content that is highly relevant to each. Plus with Content Personalization, you can further deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, based on individual browsing history.

Analyzed factors include:

  • Demographics – address, age, job title, gender, etc.
  • Behavior – visited pages, downloaded content, purchased products, campaign clicks, searched keywords, etc.
  • Customer context – purchase stage, location, time of the day, used browser or device, etc.

With the Content Personalization and Segmentation modules in the Kentico Online Marketing solution, Marketers can provide visitors with a customized and personalized experience in real time across multiple channels, dramatically boosting customer experience and ROI.

Learn more about Content Personalization, read the quick start guide on Segmentation.

Campaign Management

With Integrated Campaign Management, Kentico allows you to execute cross-channel digital marketing campaigns and gain intelligence on individual channels. Unlike various dedicated marketing automation tools, there is no need to integrate any third-party modules. You can develop campaign assets, launch campaigns, and analyze the results with minimal effort, all from one location.

Link Campaign Assets

The time to execute campaigns is greatly reduced. You can add campaign promotions such as emails, assign content assets such as landing pages, track standard UTM parameters, and specify the tracked page visits, conversion names, and values directly in the campaign set-up. You can also keep content creation separate from the campaign management, where, for example, one person can create content for landing pages while another prepares the campaign (adds emails, creates landing page wireframes, etc.).

Integrated Email Marketing

Integrated Campaign Management works seamlessly with Kentico’s Email Marketing giving you in-depth statistics on how successful your Email Marketing campaigns are in terms of delivery, engagement, contact loss, and more. You can check results for key metrics such as the number of sent and delivered emails, delivery rates, unique open rates, or click rates.

Campaign Overview

To help you get a better overview of your campaigns, you can select them based on their status - Draft, which represents the campaign you are currently working on; Launched, which represents a campaign that is already in progress; and Finished campaigns. You can also sort your campaigns based on their name or visitors. The campaign overview also provides you with information about how many visitors interact with your campaign, what the campaign conversion rate is, and the number of actual conversions from your specified campaign.

Custom Campaign Funnel

Kentico’s Integrated Campaign Management lets you build custom campaign funnels to help you analyze exactly the steps that are important for your business. By offering more precise analysis, you can optimize your lead generation and promotional campaigns better.


Get insights that will help you determine the overall success of your campaigns and the performance of individual promotional channels. Observe and analyze how visitors are interacting with all your campaigns, from how many visitors come from your email blasts to your landing pages, to how many people submitted the form on your landing page and downloaded the whitepaper. With improved campaign reporting and a simplified process for campaign tracking, you can understand and interpret results quicker across all channels, helping you to optimize and expand your campaigns for even better results.

Contact Management

Kentico’s Contact Management gives you a 360-degree view of your website visitors and customers as well as their behavior across all channels and devices. With this amalgamated data, all within one contact profile, you can deliver a more personalized experience to each visitor, nurture customer segments, allocate customer personas, and identify your hottest leads.

Track and Nurture Every Lead

Unlike with other systems, even anonymous visitors provide insight in Kentico. Your website automatically collects each moment of each visitor’s journey from each digital touchpoint; from first arrival on your site, through registration, and on to repeat custom. It records every page viewed, video watched, and file downloaded. Such valuable data enables insightful campaign analysis, visitor understanding, and actionable optimization for dramatic results.

Multi-channel intelligence

Kentico Contact Management streamlines customer data into one all-inclusive platform, giving you a complete overview of individual customer profiles and activities as well as a real-time snapshot of traffic and behavior. These valuable insights can then be used in lead scoring, lead nurturing, content personalization, and effective optimization of the customer experience.

Learn more about Contact Management.

Web Analytics

As part of your online marketing strategy, Web Analytics gives you information about your visitors, their behavior, and about the success of your website. It runs in the background collecting information such as page views, campaigns, conversions, and other website metrics.

Web Analytics Metrics

Kentico tracks the following statistics on a yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly basis, giving you data almost instantly:

  • page views
  • file downloads
  • visits
  • referrals
  • campaigns
  • conversions
  • countries
  • browser types
  • invalid pages
  • aggregated views of RSS feeds
  • events

Tracking Marketing Campaigns and Conversions

Kentico allows you to track your online campaigns effectively. If you link your website or a landing page using a URL, the statistics will show you how many people came from the given campaign. For example, if a user registers on your website, the system stores the campaign and the URL they came from, so you can later identify campaigns that brought you new clients. Thousands of visitors to a website does not mean that website is successful. It is necessary to track the number of conversions. Kentico tracks conversions such as orders, newsletter signups, or registrations using simple code.

Learn more about Web Analytics or read the quick start guide.

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