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By Emakina, Belgium
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Comet Group

The Comet Group is a Swiss technology company that has been developing and producing innovative high-tech components and made-to-measure industry-leading technology systems since its founding in 1948. The firm wanted to better align its digital presence with its vision of being an active part of a more efficient and sustainable future, by building a state-of-the art futureproof website.

increase in duration of website visits

A focus on the future

As keen contributors towards a digital, more efficient, more sustainable future, the Comet Group has 1,400 employees across its 15 locations worldwide. They focus on two core technologies: radio frequency technology (which powers the production of microchips and touchscreens) and X-ray technology and computed tomography, (which are important foundations of non-destructive testing).  

The primary requirements for the new website were to make it robust, simple to maintain, enabling of future extensions, and adaptable to an ever-evolving exceptional user experience. The firm enlisted international user agency Emakina to build their vision.


Comet’s old website didn’t align with its strategy of a digital and agile future, nor could it keep up with steadily evolving user requirements. Moreover, maintenance and content management were complex and time consuming.  

The company needed excellent website performance and seamless integration with important third-party tools like Salesforce and digital asset management system Bynder. They also wanted to leverage marketing automation capabilities.


As both Comet and Emakina had enjoyed success with the Kentico platform in the past, it was the obvious choice for this project, especially as they wanted MVC performance and required features that support data-driven marketing strategies.

The team in Comet Group knew they wanted a modern and clean design that would help infuse their corporate identity into the new website.  

Emakina built Comet’s new website in Kentico, leveraging leaner MVC script bundle size and overall request/response sizes to enhance website performance. By decreasing the number of widgets used, the team was able to reduce backend complexity, which in turn accelerated content management workflows.  

It is now possible for Comet’s digital team to easily create, edit, and personalize content. They’re able to set up email campaigns and support lead-generation activities through marketing automation, A/B testing, and sophisticated web analytics.  

With a focus on smooth collaboration and agile project management methods, the team was able to go live with the new website in just six months.  


In this successful project, Kentico brings all of Comet’s ideas and concepts to life, enabling them to embrace and express their digital future with a website that is easy to maintain and adapts to future needs.

Easier content management supported the digital team in creating more compelling content, including videos, and smart personalization tools helped them become more relevant.  

The cleaner code and metadata meant that SEO was also improved, with organic traffic overtaking direct as the main source, which also helped almost halve bounce rate.

Kentico’s flexible framework gave the team more freedom and control in building a well-tailored website. Also, it allows for adding new features and creating interfaces for new tools to ensure that no matter how user needs develop in the future, Comet is always ready.  
The next phase of the project is to leverage Kentico’s built-in connectors and the Integration Bus to seamlessly integrate the website with Salesforce and Bynder.  

The client says:

Telma Matos on Kentico Xperience

Telma Matos

Global Digital Communications Manager, Comet Group

Telma Matos, Global Digital Communications ManagerComet Group

Kentico and Comet is probably a love story, as we have actually been using the platform for many years. The benefit that Kentico has is that they can evolve over time. That's why we stick with them. 

decrease in bounce rate
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