5 ways to recession-proof your marketing

With the threat of recession looming over an already stretched and tired economy, it may seem counterintuitive to be investing in technology. But with consumer expectations continuing to soar and even fewer disposable dollars in their pockets, now may very well be the crucial time to update your tools to enable you to deliver exceptional digital experiences. Choosing the right solution is critical, however, and there are some major considerations organizations often overlook. In this ebook, you’ll learn what they are and how to ensure success, even when things look challenging.  


Against an unsettling political backdrop, an economy barely recovered from a crippling two-year pandemic, and prices of essentials the highest they’ve been in a decade… businesses will, once again, be entering times of uncertainty in the months ahead as they face the challenges of a looming recession. 

Across many markets, customers have less money to spend, businesses have less staff, employees are demanding higher wages, the cost of raw materials and transport has sky-rocketed, and supply chains have been significantly impacted. Not to mention the increasing pressure to reduce our impact on the environment. 

However, the customer expectation for a personalized omnichannel experience (in an ever-more-competitive digital landscape) hasn’t missed a beat, and you need the tools that bring deep insights into who your customers are and what they wantand the tools that will help you to deliver winning personalized digital experiences to them across all channels and devices.  

The technology you choose will be critical to your success during this challenging time.

5 ways to recession-proof your marketing ebook

In this ebook, we’ll explore the challenges companies are currently facing and how making the right technology choice can tip the scales in their favor as recession looms in certain markets. We’ll discuss:

  • How businesses may be impacted by a recession
  • The importance of the customer experience at times like this
  • Why choosing the right technology is crucial

We’ll also give you our top five considerations for choosing a budget-friendly recession-proof solution:

  • Ensuring ROI from your technology
  • Understanding digital maturity and scalability
  • The need for self-sufficiency tools
  • The opportunity in artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Why vendor matters and why our customers choose us

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