10 cost factors to consider when choosing your next DXP

When investing in a new content management system (CMS) or digital experience platform (DXP), your biggest concern will be ensuring value for money.


You’ll want to guarantee that your chosen solution will not only meet your current needs, but will be flexible, scalable, and extendable enough to take you well into the future.

While most vendors will draw your attention to the features they offer and the ROI they bring, they’re somewhat pulling the wool over your eyes, because total cost of ownership (TCO) is the real indicator of value, and in this whitepaper, we’ll explain why.  

Let’s explore the top 10 considerations beyond functionality that you should be considering when choosing a customer experience solution.

Do any of these productivity issues sound familiar?

  • an array of disjointed marketing tools  
  • protracted content publishing workflows
  • wasted time finding content across multiple locations
  • the need for developers to get any real marketing done

If so, then any good DXP with a rich set of out-of-the-box marketing tools, will have you soaring past your ROI inside a year thanks to the resulting productivity gains. Take your pick of solutions!

But, you see, ROI only gives you one part of the picture. It doesn’t consider things like how long you’ll spend on maintenance and upgrades, how quickly you’ll get to market, or what your overall running costs will be. And these factors are essential to the longevity of your platform and the success you achieve with it.  

Understanding TCO and the factors that feed into it are key to understanding value

10 cost factors to consider when choosing your next DXP

In this whitepaper, we’ll explore 10 key factors that impact the TCO, and therefore the value for money, of a customer experience solution, including:  

  • Issues impacting time to market
  • The hidden cost of integrations
  • Unclear pricing and deceptive discounts  
  • Migrations, upgrades, and maintenance  
  • The part vendor ethics play
  • Evaluating platform risks and longevity  
  • How ease of use impacts value
  • Keeping management overheads low
  • The importance of customer reviews
  • How Kentico ensures market-leading TCO

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