The Best Way to Work with Content.

For 15 years, we've been helping companies grow their business and satisfy their customers' needs with our two products—Kentico EMS, the all-in-one DXP solution, and Kentico Kontent, the end-to-end CaaS solution. Find out which of our products is the right one for you:

Kentico Kontent

The flexible cloud-native solution enables business users to consolidate all their content and deliver consistent experiences across all channels. Your team collaborates on the latest version of your content piece in a single solution. This Content-as-a-Service solution:

  • supports any programming language (.NET, React, Angular, Vue.js, Swift, Android, and others)
  • is #1 in the CaaS market  
  • provides you with up-to-date information about your content throughout its lifecycle
  • is the best end-to-end SaaS-based content management solution for enterprises
  • allows integration with modern technologies, such as microservices and containers

Kentico EMS

With the all-in-one digital experience platform, personalization has never been easier. You can automate and optimize campaigns, nurture leads, and turn your prospects into loyal customers. This digital experience platform:

  • combines an advanced CMS, key marketing functionality and core e-commerce capabilities on the .NET platform
  • is powered by modern .NET MVC technology  
  • enables you to deliver outstanding digital experiences 
  • tracks customer behavior and has an out-of-the-box A/B testing module 
  • allows integration with other best-of-breed solutions