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At Revium, digital transformation is what we do best. Revium began in 2007 and, since then, has continued to help business grow by providing our expertise across all aspects of our clients’ digital strategies.

growth in annual revenue

Why Kentico

Revium works with a wide range of different CMS systems including Kentico, WordPress, Drupal, and Sitecore. We love working with Kentico because of the flexibility the platform offers and the amount of value and functionality it gives clients, at an extremely competitive price point, when compared to other systems.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

The Kentico Partner Program is fantastic as it offers support and guidance to its partners throughout the entire sales process. The local staff make support easy and are always happy to make themselves available to assist with any questions, provide demos to prospects, and offer general support on the product.

Looking ahead

Revium will continue to work with Kentico as a Gold Partner for many years to come. We are particularly excited about the advancements in Kentico in response to making the digital economy more profitable and efficient for our clients.


At Revium, we’re proud of all of the work we have done using Kentico. Over the years, we have created many great websites for a range of clients from a number of different industries. During the past four years, we have achieved:

Average annual growth

in revenue related to Kentico services (excl. license fees)

"Kentico is a world-leading platform that is a great fit for both our business and our clients. Kentico often provides the best value for our customers; with great functionality and features that are on par with software that has licence and implementation costs that are up to ten times that of Kentico. The local and International Kentico teams mean that sales and technical support are available almost 24/7 which is a great benefit to us when working in digital transformation."

Andrew EllettManaging Partner
ReviumAustralia, Victoria

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