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The EMAKINA Group is one of the top three independent digital communication groups in Europe and relies on more than 800 experts. With offices all over Europe and a worldwide network of partners, Emakina’s clients include renowned and leading businesses and institutions from all over the world.

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Why Kentico

Before we started using Kentico, we mainly used two different proprietary Content Management Systems that we developed in-house. Searching for even better systems (based on .NET), our market research lead us to Kentico. As an experienced and established agency, we knew about the different technical features that matter to our customers. Since Kentico covered all of them (multimodal, flexible, etc.) we decided to work with this great system.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

We built a strong partnership during the past 12 years with Kentico. First of all, we appreciate the excellent support and quick reaction times in the partnership program. In addition, we had joint sales activities in German-speaking markets. Since we provide customers to each other, this partnership is beneficial for both sides—taking and giving at eye level.

Looking ahead

Kentico's dual product strategy—Kentico Xperience 13 as on-premises all-in-one solution and Xperience by Kentico as a SaaS product— gives our clients the possibility to choose the solution that fits their needs best. This attracts both mid-market and high-end clients seeking a suitable enterprise solution. Due to this wide range of applicability, we can meet any kind of client’s requirements today and in the future.


average growth

in revenue (YOY) since 2016

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added in 2017

"Kentico allows us to create innovative websites for our customers, and optimize their digital experiences across all channels. As the only fully integrated ASP.NET CMS, commerce, and marketing automation platform, Kentico saves time and resources. It is intuitive and powerful."

Chris BudgenChief Client Officer


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