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BlueModus is a top-rated software development company that specializes in digital strategy, web and mobile applications. For more than 15 years, they have teamed up with Kentico offering clients a wide range of digital services and solutions.

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Why Kentico

We chose Kentico for several reasons:

  • Transparency: We pride ourselves on being transparent with our clients regarding their budgets. Kentico's pricing model is very straightforward and published openly for anyone to see. In contrast, the competitors' 'composable' or 'add-on' models make navigating pricing and contracts very difficult.
  • Ease of Development: Kentico offers an open, well-designed architecture that fully embraces 'pure' MVC development. While no system is perfect, we have been thrilled by its highly flexible nature, which allows us to create tailored experiences for our clients.
  • Open Architecture: Although Kentico's competitors also offer flexible architectures, they often come with significant ongoing support and maintenance costs. Kentico's architectural model provides the flexibility we need, enabling us to more quickly create the websites and applications our clients require.

The benefits of partnering with Kentico

The relationship and mutual trust formed over the years help us stay focused on our mutual success. Together, we are learning about the market, our clients' needs, and the latest trends.

Looking ahead

Kentico has really jumped ahead of the competition as it continues to enhance both the front-end and back-end of the Xperience by Kentico platform. Transparency, clear communication of their roadmap, sharing their vision, and seeking feedback are second to none. That shows clarity of vision and integrity—qualities we prioritize for our colleagues and our clients.


Over the past 6 years, BlueModus has grown from 25 people to 125 people—and a huge part of that growth was our relationship with Kentico. Completing a Kentico developer or marketer certification is part of our onboarding process. We are proud to be recognized as a leading agency with the highest number of certified professionals worldwide.

Mike Wills
Vice President of Technology at BlueModus

"All too often, the relationship with CMS vendors is just that: a vendor-based, transactionally focused requirement. Kentico is different—they are true partners in our success. They both guide and listen to us, with a shared goal of bringing the best we possibly can to our clients."

Unveil why BlueModus sees a great future with Xperience by Kentico.

Dave Conder, Founder and CTO, and Justin Sanders, VP of Strategy at BlueModus, share couple of reasons why they and their clients love to work with Kentico's latest hybrid headless CMS/DXP.

BlueModus on Xperience by Kentico

with Dave Conder and Justin Sanders

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