Kentico 8 – get around easier

Your ideas were invaluable in our redesign of the navigation. Now aligned with your most common workflows, getting around the system is smooth and intuitive.

Welcome home – things have changed

Now your first visible screen is your role-specific application dashboard. No more memorizing paths to remote locations. It’s all here. At home.

Appy-go-lucky navigation

Part of every page is the new sidebar menu listing all the applications you have access to, making getting where you’re going much easier. You can even search for applications you need within the menu. Each application opens in a new browser tab to support you in your multi-tasking.

Site Manager is dead

Tragically, as part of our plans to reduce overall complexity and offer all functionality through just one single system, we laid our dear old Site Manager to rest. We are pleased, however, to have given birth to the smoother, stronger and better-looking Administration. You’ll love it.

More space please!

By opting for vertical tabs and only showing the current level of navigation at any one time, we’ve managed to save about 20% of your screen real estate. So not only is your UI now much cleaner and simpler, but you have the space to do the magical things that you do.

How did we do it?

Check out our blog series on the user interface redesign:

Wanna try?