Why Kentico brings better value than Sitecore

Choosing a new digital experience platform (DXP) is not an easy process that requires many aspects to be considered and a significant investment to be made. To support you on this decision-making journey, we’re here to explain what is behind the overall price of your DXP and how much value Kentico brings to your business in comparison to Sitecore.

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Watch out for hidden costs

To understand the total cost of ownership, compare the initial price with the value it brings to your business. The price of a DXP license and its implementation is just the first deciding factor related to your budget. 

When choosing your new DXP, focus on technology that meets your needs now and enables scalability in the right direction. Needless functionalities and integrations would make your everyday work more cumbersome.

Free yourself from needless complexity

If you choose an extensively complex DXP such as Sitecore, the complexity of this solution will be your enemy at every step. From implementation and development to maintenance and administration, it requires complicated, inefficient processes. 

Instead, get a scalable DXP with the capabilities you need now. What you save can be invested into things that add further value to your project, such as user experience research and design. As your business grows, you can easily extend your solution.

Explore the benefits of Kentico

Kentico highlights.

Transparent pricing

Our transparent pricing with no hidden costs allows you to invest more into conversion rate-increasing features such as better product pages, personalization, and advanced analytics.

Intuitive interface

In an overcomplicated DXP such as Sitecore, content editors must use several “data sources. With Kentico’s Page Builder you can create pages, edit content and set up personalization in one place.

Easy customization

Kentico offers maximum flexibility and a range of out-of-the-box features. If that's not what you need, you can add extensions to the code, build your own modules, and add integrations on top of our apps.

Former Sitecore customers love us.

TowneBank homepage


“Although Sitecore is making changes to their platform for a more headless set-up, it has always been more cumbersome to use. Every change, no matter how small, required programmers; making it expensive and time-consuming.”

Amanda Elliott, Digital Marketing Operations Senior Manager, TowneBank


City of Canning

"Sitecore was charging the City of Canning a subscription fee on a user/traffic basis – making it essentially impossible to budget with an eye-watering bill that was only realized once it was too late."

Phil Allen, Founder and Strategist, Kentico Gold Partner Dapth

Download the Kentico vs. Sitecore ebook now.

Find out why Kentico will bring you better value for your money than Sitecore.


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