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Safestore is the UK's largest and Europe's second largest provider of self-storage solutions. In this project, Delete implemented a new user experience strategy and a complete website platform overhaul geared around driving increased customer enquiries and revenue.

increase in quotes

Room for everything under one roof

Firstly, it was necessary to migrate a variety of small sites into one solution, then ensure fluent integration with third-party systems and strengthen the focus to a conversion funnel.

At any phase of the user’s site engagement, they could enter into the quote process. This approach led to a highly prioritized interface where content is rationalized, primary CTAs are clearly visible, and for people with little time, it is easy to navigate on pages.

It would not have been possible to achieve the above results without a precise commerce solution. Kentico ensures fluent:

  • products and prices management (directly in Kentico admin, not imported)
  • shopping cart 
  • order management
  • checkout wizard
  • fixed delivery rate calculation
  • customization of a specific product (while a visitor books a storage space for the first time or prolongs the existing storage space usage)

 The website also integrates with these in-house systems and third-party platforms:

  • Space Manager - bespoke storage space quotation and customer management
  • Sage Pay and PayPal
  • Google Maps
  • Post Code Look-up
  • Twitter
  • Feefo (customer feedback system)

 Launch dates of key project phases:

  • November 2015 - First go live
  • March 2016 - Safestore Hub go live
  • The middle of 2016 - Security and CRO updates go live
  • December 2016 - Corporate site first go live
  • January 2019 - Migration to Kentico 11


Due to the additional customer activity, the new website instantly gained an increase in quotes and revenue as it powers 85% of all bookings.

The first Kentico version of the website was launched in November 2015. Safestore's financial results published in October 2016 declared a profit of £62.7m, which was a 12% year on year increase.

The first five statistics reflect a a period from January to June 2019 (compared to the same period in 2018), while the rest reflects a comparison between the three months before and after launch, ending in January 2017.

increase in quote requests successfully submitted

increase in goals completions

increase in users

decrease in bounce rate

increase in sessions

increase in conversions from mobile devices

increase in total sessions

increase in average session duration

increase in total number of users


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