DAS Legal Expenses Insurance

By Positive Digital, United Kingdom
DAS Legal Expenses Insurance

DAS UK is the leading provider of legal expenses insurance within the UK market. DAS Group is in the process of digital transformation and as part of that, the website architecture was prioritized as an area that needed urgent redevelopment. To support the digital transformation, DAS needed to re-develop the legal expenses insurance website.

content pages created in three months

Rebuild corporate presence and content strategy

DAS wished to engage with the end consumers plus brokers and intermediaries who are the main sales channel for the products. DAS authorized Positive to migrate not just the Insurance business but the entire corporate presence: Group, Insurance, and Law businesses, on to Kentico Xperience. The three sites had to share templates and components to deliver economies of scale for the company and remove the dependence on a number of legacy CMS instances.

Alongside the development project required by DAS, a content strategy was to be delivered to allow the closure of many of the existing content marketing sites that had been produced within a previous (and now outdated) marketing strategy.

 Initially, the challenge was to develop a range of widgets in Kentico Xperience that would fully satisfy the content requirements of the three sites. With that achieved, the major challenge of the project was assessing the 400 previous domains, then migrating around 120 of them into the new three-site structure plus applying redirects to transfer the equity across to the new domains. 

Alongside these technical challenges, audiences, user journeys, and personas were mapped for the business so that future deployment of Kentico Xperience features could be planned during the site development. 

Single platform meets GDPR regulations

Kentico Xperience provides a single platform for the three sites, Group, Law, and Insurance, that enables DAS to comply with GDPR regulations. This is a unique function provided from within the core CMS, unlike Xperience's competitors. 

To meet compliance requirements, Kentico Xperience’s publishing engine has been enhanced such that content pages all have individual review dates with reminder emails sent out to ensure content is up to date. Custom widgets were developed to serve content and to meet the regulator's requirements. A clear explanation of the product offering via a step-by-step process, video, or clear, concise copy is enabled by the use of Widgets.

DAS is utilizing the site for integrated campaigns, capturing contact information, and marketing out to the audience. Personalization and Marketing Automation are being rolled out to increase engagement based on the growing contact base.

The cost of licensing of such an extensive portfolio of sites plus, from a marketing point of view, the aggregation of search equity into a smaller number of properties drove the business case for the migration to a more efficient structure. The open framework of Xperience facilitated the ability to speedily build out an enterprise web presence.


Results from June 1–July 31, 2018 

bounce rate reduction

increase in users

increase in sessions

increase in page views

Bing search increase

content pages created in three months

increase in organic search acquisitions

qualified business contacts captured

Google search increase

redirects to maintain search equity across the many domains

Our exec committee today were “buzzing” over the progress made on the website project. They were blown away with the new look and feel, the attention to detail on the new interactive elements, the simplicity of design, and the guided navigation tool.

 Paul Mills, Head of Marketing Communications, DAS

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