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Clyde & Co has grown to become a leading global law firm. Its digital presence was stretched over three CMSs and didn’t meet the firm’s current needs. In collaboration with our Gold Partner Positive Digital, Clyde’s team chose Kentico to create a beautiful new website with multilingual and personalized content.

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User-driven design boosts global potential  

Headquartered in London, Clyde & Co is a global law firm that offers a comprehensive range of legal services and advice to its business clients in global trade and commerce, including helping to identify and manage risk and liability, navigate challenges, and harness commercial potential. Its staff of over 5,000 work across six continents in over 60 offices.

Clyde & Co wanted to refine its digital image, improve the presentation of its global and sector expertise, and technologically adapt to its clients’ needs. The project would also be a transition for the firm from three CMSs to a single modern digital experience platform.

The overall objective was for the new website to leverage design and technology to better service their clients with improved user journeys that would meet their research and transactional requirements. Other goals included attracting a wider audience globally, reducing their costs for website maintenance, and driving contact conversions.

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The new website needed to support campaigning and careers worldwide while also projecting Clyde & Co as a single global presence.  

The implementation team was tasked with reducing the firm’s digital presence down to one DXP, so Clyde & Co would be able to manage everything from a single location and eradicate content issues due to unfamiliarity of interface. The migration of 1,600 pages and sorting them into published and archived categories would prove to be the biggest challenge.  

Additionally, in order to facilitate content growth over time and to allow for the increasing traffic expected, the site had to be moved on to Azure. This transition was also a challenge due to high security requirements.

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Kentico passed Clyde’s rigorous security testing with ease once deployed to the Azure hosting platform with its security features deployed.

During the migration process, Azure’s capacity to scale resources was key to the successful completion of the task. Kentico API had a significant impact on the project’s success as the migration would have been too large for any other tool. Positive also built a custom tool for importing content, transforming data, and pushing it to Kentico.

To enable regionalization, Clyde & Co uses Kentico’s multilingual capabilities which were built by Positive to allow for both automated machine translation for scale and manual translation for accuracy.

The solution was architected to automate extensive and complex relationships and data structures for the presentation of relevant content, personalizing content to the region, office and associated law firm the user was researching. The teams worked together to create insight- and expertise-led content with focus campaign-hub areas to help position Clyde as a thought leader amongst its direct competitor and adjacent market peers.


The project was a success. The new device-independent and responsive website has been designed with users in mind. Its scalable design, powerful search engine, and clear CTAs guide the user along a supported and personalized journey tailored to their specific goals.

Kentico’s ease of use enabled Clyde’s marketing team to start to perform content edits quickly, without involvement from the Positive team, and they are now in full ownership of their content. By moving the business from centralized to distributed content editor model the new website is managed by well over 100 satisfied content editors.

Since the launch, Clyde is in line with its goal of being seen as a global law firm, with the number of non-UK visitors increasing from 58% to 65%. They have also seen a significant lift in visitors overall as well as page views.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Clyde & Co
John Clapson
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Clyde & Co 

Kentico has enabled us to provide a visually engaging user-friendly website that demonstrates and showcases the wide range of legal services Clyde & Co provides to our clients globallyInternally, the feedback is incredibly positive that Kentico is quick and easy to use when creating and uploading content.

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