Ebook Kentico vs Sitecore: The full story

Choosing your next digital experience platform (DXP) is not an easy task. That’s why we created an ebook comparing Kentico and Sitecore. We used side-by-side comparisons, reports, reviews, and case studies and found enough evidence to say with confidence: Kentico is a better choice than Sitecore.

Kentico beats Sitecore with its customer-centric approach, fast time to market, and flexibility. Our clear product direction and top-class support mean we keep user satisfaction high.

The e-book is based on thorough research from market analysts such as Gartner, user reviews on G2, Trust Radius and Software Reviews, and many interviews with customers and business partners. These insider insights will help you understand what it’s like to choose Kentico instead of Sitecore. 

In this ebook you'll find:

  • Side-by-side comparisons of Kentico and Sitecore
  • Industry recognition
  • Case studies
  • Users’ and partners testimonials

Side-by-side comparisons of Kentico and Sitecore

Based on Gartner research and reviews from G2, Trust Radius, and Software Reviews, we compare:

  • User Satisfaction
  • Pricing
  • ROI
  • DXP features
  • Flexibility
  • Quality of Support

Industry recognition
A win for our users is a win for us

  • We invest in product innovation and user satisfaction.
  • We believe this approach is what keeps our customers happy and helps them grow their businesses. 
  • Gartner and G2 users think so, too!

Case studies

Meet some of our clients who migrated from Sitecore. Learn how Kentico helps them achieve their goals:

  • Website serving as a sales tool
  • Increase in qualified sales leads
  • Reduction in cost

Users’ and partners testimonials

Amanda Elliott
Digital Marketing Operations Senior Manager

“Sitecore has always been more cumbersome to use. Every change, no matter how small, required programmers: making it expensive and time-consuming.”

John Wyra
Database Administrator

“[Kentico] is easier to use and interact with. It has no hard time learning or in short it is very easy to learn how to use and with a dedicated support one can ask anything concerning this tool and get help.”

Try the Xperience

Beat the competition and start delivering results with the only digital experience platform that combines advanced capabilities, a short time to value, and ease of use.

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