In-person Kentico Connection is back... and better than ever!

This year, we'll be in three amazing locations:


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This year, we have insightful presentations, deep-dive discussions, and peer-to-peer networking, all wrapped up in fancy hotels, great food, and incredible experiences

Attendees will rub shoulders with names they've followed throughout their career as well as top experts from Kentico (product, customer success, and sales team reps) and will be part of the conversation that shapes the future of digital marketing. Here are just some of the hot topics we'll be breaking apart and putting together again:

  • Xperience by Kentico, its upgrade path, and roadmap
  • Inspiring customer success stories  
  • The future direction of DXP
  • The role of AI in digital experiences
  • Why headless is just a feature
  • Content modeling best practices
  • Consolidating the martech ecosystem
  • Total Costs of Ownership and ROI for clients

We can't wait to reshape the digital landscape together... and party like it's 2019!

A personal invitation from Kentico CEO, Dominik Pinter

Looking forward to seeing you at Kentico Connection 2023 in Brno, Nashville, and Sydney!

With speakers you won't want to miss

Scott Brinker

Editor at

Scott will present "Marketing and Martech in the Age of AI", in which he will discuss how marketing and martech are evolving rapidly to meet the opportunity of AI. Let's explore the new capabilities that are remaking the marketing universe.

Tim Walters

Founder of Zero Theory

In his talk, "The Real Meaning of Trust in the Era of Beg Data", Tim will explore how in the era of "beg data" – in which collection of personal data requires consent – trust becomes more important than CX.

Dominik Pinter

Dominik Pinter

CEO at Kentico

Dominik is ready to welcome you and will kick off the conference at all three locations. Join him in Brno, Nashville and Sydney for the latest from Kentico, as he shares what makes Kentico and its partners successful.

Kentico Connection 2023 locations triptych

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