Financial Brand Forum – Kentico and SilverTech Demo

Financial Brand Forum – Kentico and SilverTech Demo

Financial Brand Forum – Kentico and SilverTech Demo

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 10:30am 

Elevate your financial brand with the power duo: Kentico and SilverTech

Join Kentico and SilverTech for a lively demo featuring Xperience by Kentico at the Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas. More than 2,500 senior executives from 900+ of the most progressive and respected financial institutions on earth are expected to attend. 

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Kentico's user-friendly digital experience platform and SilverTech's digital strategy and advanced development experience provide the tools and expertise banks and credit unions need to build a strong digital presence, drive traffic, and grow your business. In this session, the duo will showcase Xperience by Kentico—a hybrid-headless digital experience platform that gives you the flexibility to use a web-centric head-on CMS and a headless CMS in the same product. This demo will tell the story of a regional commercial bank’s marketing team and their use of Xperience by Kentico and how they easily delivered consistent messaging and branding to their customers across multiple digital channels, gained customer insights through their audience’s engagement, and used those insights to deliver personalized experiences that convert. 

This session will teach banking executives: 

  • Why Xperience by Kentico’s hybrid-headless and channel-focused product design simplifies the management of multiple digital channels, letting marketing teams focus on customer experiences. 
  • How simple it can be to author content once and deliver it to any digital channel with a single click. 
  • Use customer engagement to personalize experiences in a matter of minutes, not hours. 


Christina Baker
Digital Strategy Team Lead
Sean Wright
Lead Product Evangelist

Web & digital solutions that are marketer-friendly

Kentico offers: 

  • Secure & future-proof DXP 
  • Automated marketing tools 
  • Headless API 

SilverTech offers: 

  • Website development 
  • UX design 
  • Digital marketing

Schedule a time to meet with Sean or Christina at the SilverTech booth B032.

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