Kentico Top 10 Websites for October 2018

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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Together with our partners, we have created a list of projects that range from heavy industry to sweets for children, through film industry. Let’s have a look at what this colorful pallet can unveil, let’s absorb some fall vibes…


Implemented by Ntara, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Teradata is a global company focused on data insights and analytics. More than 4,000 web pages help explain Teradata’s innovative approach to achieving high-impact business outcomes by leveraging their vast consulting expertise, advanced data and analytics capabilities, and intellectual property. Teradata was looking for a CMS that would be easy to integrate with programs like Eloqua and Celebrus. The website substantially utilizes a broad range of Kentico functionalities, such as Permissions and Roles, Advanced Workflows, Media Libraries, or Localization in 25 languages. Following the Kentico utilization, the website has seen a 41% increase in page views and 1500% increase in time on site.

Proman Recruitment

Implemented by Dreamscape Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

In order to gain a new website for the Proman Group and their newly acquired recruitment company, Dreamscape was approached to merge the brands. They sought a robust, secure, and flexible CMS platform, with the ability to provide numerous integrations with Job Board solutions and to solidify the ‘Proman Group’ in the UK marketplace. Key factors for choosing Kentico were the opportunity to move toward EMS and start using personas and content personalization and security areas such as personal data and GDPR regulations. An overall platform versatility was a key factor in the decision. As the recruitment sector is continuously moving, placing the client on an extensible platform was mission critical.

Cambridge Trust

Implemented by Boston Digital, USA
Kentico Bronze Partner

Cambridge Trust needed to update their digital presence to accurately present their new business focus of private banking and wealth management. A starting point was to craft a clean and elegant design that reflects their brand and subsequently to restructure the calls to action to prompt users to get in touch or visit an office, as a location finder helps visitors to find the closest office. Since the launch, adding and editing content on the site has been very easy, and the built-in workflow helps the team manage the internal approval process.

Rio Tinto Borates - Corporate

Implemented by Refactored, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

The delivery of this website means a completion of a multiyear project with Rio Tinto to modernize its communication systems and messaging. Following the successful creation of the division’s Agriculture microsite last year (also in Kentico), Refactored set about elevating the form and function of the full Borax site. They began by integrating the brand’s historic purpose into a cohesive story that ties together Borax products, applications, and benefits. The content across the site was updated to enhance its ability to engage and educate distributors, consumers, and educators. For improved readability and SEO of pages, the content was taken from buried, static downloads to dynamic ones.

Capital Credit Union

Implemented by ZAG Interactive, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Capital Credit Union, a North Dakota community-based credit union, strives to provide its members with the resources they need to succeed. ZAG used the Kentico CMS to combine out-of-the-box features with custom development required to meet their client’s unique goals. Out-of-the-box features used included those for SEO (metadata fields, Sitemap, XML sitemap, and Robots .txt), the ASPX + Portal Engine template system, Web Parts and Widgets (editable text, custom table repeater, table item selector, online form, sitemap breadcrumbs), Form Controls, Media Libraries and more. Custom-developed features included a custom rates management tool and a custom locations management tool integrated with Google Maps.

Efficiency North

Implemented by Quba, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Efficiency North is a not-for-profit membership organization working with construction partners to build housing and communities in Yorkshire and Humber that add social value and support social and economic regeneration. The new website now better caters to the needs of their key stakeholders: housing providers, contractors, suppliers, partners, tenants, community and local employment groups. Ensuring that Efficiency North could easily and quickly build out new sections and pages using widgets across all platforms and devices was essential. YoY comparison showed a 22% increase in traffic, 48% improvement in mobile sessions, and 75% improvement in mobile session duration.

Kilburn & Strode

Implemented by Positive Technology, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

Kilburn & Strode is one of Europe’s leading firms of patent and trademark attorneys. Their portfolio includes companies such as Aston Martin, Boeing, and Cisco. The website was developed to convey Kilburn & Strode's positioning in the field as a thought leader and to support their growth plans. As a content-based website, the Portal Engine was the key feature—being able to create flexible widget-based layouts as well as structured page types assisted in ease of content population. Based on the results from July compared to October, there has been a 112% increase in session duration, 27% decrease in bounce rate, 56% increase in page views per session, and 33% drop in page load time.

Milwaukee Film

Implemented by Lightburn, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Milwaukee Film is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to entertaining, educating, and engaging their community through cinematic experiences. The organization is one of the largest of its kind in the country, with more than 4,000 members and 84,000 festival attendees. Kentico has a concrete impact on MKE Film’s success because of its user role capabilities and the ability to leverage related pages and design components. Milwaukee Film wanted robust user roles in their CMS, as they have quite a few people editing and adding content. They also required a full API integration with their ticketing and POS system, and Kentico made it easy to integrate.

Zee Zees

Implemented by thunder::tech, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Since 1990, National Food Group has been partnering with primary and secondary schools across the US. Zee Zees was developed to provide healthier sweet options and in combination with favorite flavors and creative characters they can satisfy kids of all kinds—especially picky eaters. The goal of their new website is to reach all four major audiences: Food Service, Kids, Consumers, and Retailers. The aim was to develop the project on a flexible CMS that could allow developers and strategists to design logical and intuitive content strategies and layouts while also reducing much of the workload and management demands that were put on to the client’s creative team members.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Implemented by Wakefly, Inc., USA
Kentico Gold Partner

ATE Corp provides testing solutions in multiple fields such as the aerospace, automotive, communications, defense, power, and more industries. They carry more than 5000 products currently, with a business that is continuing to expand. The three primary objectives of their new website were: an integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, support both quote and purchase products in the e-commerce checkout process and create a customized solution for managing product categories, attributes, and specifications. ATE Corp’s redesigned site has seen a 22% increase in organic traffic since it launched on July 19, when compared to the same time period last year. 

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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