Kentico Top 10 Websites for March 2019

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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Projects full of various integrations of the dedicated work and our partners’ effort are here again. This time, we have a colorful mix of industries, from banking through the education sector to e-commerce solutions and beyond. Just check out these successful results!

Krispy Kreme

Implemented by Ridgeway, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

A global doughnut and coffee chain, Krispy Kreme, needed to be updated to deliver increased revenue through e-commerce, drive the brand forward, create excitement and engagement among visitors, and build wider brand love. The mobile-first, seamless end-to-end customer journey should delight users and increase conversions for the business. The Krispy Kreme website now provides a seamless and engaging doughnut shopping experience that is easy to navigate, with quicker load times and a streamlined order process.  Conversions are up by 2.5% with 0.92% of visitors going on to make a transaction compared with 0.37% previously. The website now consists of 334 mobile pages compared to just 101 previously.


Implemented by BlueModus, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

SmartMove is the newly re-branded website of CableMover, a jointly-funded lead referral website that helps people in the United States choose their cable provider when they are moving. Upon entering their address, site visitors are directed to the sign-up page of the appropriate Internet and television provider. As a site that supports over 1.5 million referral transactions per month, user traffic has improved significantly, resulting in a substantial increase in lead revenue. With the delivery of the high-availability site, which has provided a best-in-class environment, smooth deployment process, automated testing, and more, the client is very pleased with the Kentico platform.


Implemented by Ntara, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

TruGreen wanted to shift its business model from mainly offline sales through its call center to an additional communication touchpoint in its e-commerce model. This strategy better aligned with TruGreen’s shifting customer communication preferences of researching and purchasing online. TruGreen also hoped to reduce the cost to serve its customers and further customize the services offered to customers based on geolocation. The website is heavily integrated with other platforms: Next Best Service for best product offering based on a customer’s location, Serviceability enables confirmation if a zip code is serviced by TruGreen, or Mission that is TruGreen’s ERP for pricing information.

Boots Hearing Care

Implemented by Wunderman Thompson Switzerland AG, Switzerland
Kentico Gold Partner

The brands of the Sonova Group, which include Boots Hearingcare, Geers and Audionova, amongst others, needed to receive a fresh, uniform design, taking into account their own CI/CD. Together with the core team of Sonova, Y&R Wunderman designed the framework of the new website, which is available to every single retail brand within 18 markets around the globe. In various co-creation workshops, the information architecture was created and the technical requirements defined. Sonova opted for each country's different websites to choose the same technical platform—Kentico 11. The website is also integrated with various third-party integrations and soon will be with Sonova’s CRM.

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

Implemented by Ntara, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare is a Medicaid-managed care organization that serves members and families with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health, or substance-use disorders diagnosed in North Carolina. Their new site is multi-lingual with most of the main sections in Spanish. It has a robust predictive search functionality and categorizes results based on volume and type— Blog, News, Events, FAQs. Cardinal Innovations now provides accessible information for 850,000 individuals with complex needs. The new site features 160,000 unique visitors. YoY comparison showed an increase in organic sessions by 14%, sessions from social media by 240%, and referral sessions increased by 44%.

Teta drogerie e-shop

Implemented by Sprinx Systems, a.s., Czech Republic
Kentico Gold Partner

TETA drogerie is the largest network of drugstores in the Czech Republic. In total, there are 500 TETA shops and 270 Top drugstores. The first plan for the e-shop was work the same as their regular stores, with the same prices and shopping experience. Everything should be under the roof of their strong branding and marketing efforts. The TETA Club was also connected to the e-shop, and the whole solution was integrated into the existing content site, creating a complex solution. Moreover, the website is integrated with their Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, logistics system, Brand Bank, and payment gateway PayU.


Implemented by Interesting, Australia
Kentico Gold Partner

Upskilled is a leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia. Their website presence has undergone a lot of changes since the original site launch and was operating with a different business model focused on B2C and fee for service. After the revamp, SkillsTalk, the Upskilled blog, saw massive growth in terms of attracting organic traffic over the previous 12 months due to the SEO efforts of the Upskilled marketing team. It has become an increasingly important tool from both a brand and traffic/lead generation perspective. Also, Interesting extended the online form engine allowing Upskilled to integrate their forms through Salesforce as needed.

Whitefish Credit Union

Implemented by ZAG Interactive, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Whitefish Credit Union is a community-focused financial institution that has been serving Montana since 1934. The client wanted to update the credit union’s image. The aim was to have a website that was distinctively “Whitefish” (a region in Montana) with branded, rustic elements, regional photography, and custom copywriting that appealed directly to the Greater Montana demographic. A new website architecture was created to produce an intuitive experience, minimize clicks and allow visitors to easily find what they are looking for. Kentico out-of-the-box features used included those for SEO (metadata, Sitemap, XML sitemap, and Robots .txt), the ASPX + Portal engine template system, web parts and widgets.


Implemented by Create Studios, Australia
Kentico Gold Partner

Wiise is more than accounting software, it provides forecasting and machine intelligence, and payroll and customer service. Implementation of this website has enabled the Wiise SaaS product to demonstrate its brand and gain new awareness in the market. As a completely new product, it is essential for them to have a solid, reliable, and secure website as it will act to create essential first impressions for a brand that has no existing credibility. Since its launch, the website has received a strong conversion rate for registering users for a trial. Marketing activity has been used to generate traffic and this has led to sales for the product.

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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