Kentico Top 10 Websites for June 2018

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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Take a look at these projects concerning everything from healthcare industry, engineering, and construction to sport, we can see how our partners dealt with various integrations or e-commerce functionalities.

California Earthquake Authority

Implemented by Reason One, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

The California Earthquake Authority (CEA) is a not-for-profit, privately funded, publicly managed organization that provides residential earthquake insurance and encourages Californians to reduce their risk of earthquake loss. A major component of the overall project was providing a more user-centric design and content strategy that connected with varying audiences. In addition, BlueKey redesigned the user workflows for their agent application tool and premium calculator. Kentico has provided the tools necessary for the marketing team to run their targeted marketing campaigns with ease and manage all content on the website.

CLR Brands

Implemented by Sandstorm®, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

At the heart of this project stands the Jelmar company who is most recognized for its broad range of cleaning products, such as CLR and Tarn-X. Visually, the CLR Brands website needed to speak to the household consumer target while representing the strong brand of CLR. The site’s main purpose is to showcase the products, helping consumers understand their uses and helping a consumer in finding where to buy Jelmar’s products. The “Where to Buy” feature now incorporates a custom Product Search, including a radius map in several key areas. The site is integrated with SendGrid for email delivery and also with Google’s reCAPTCHA API for verification of form submissions.

Coaching Zone

Implemented by Revium Pty Ltd, Australia
Kentico Gold Partner

Coaching Zone is personalized group training with a coach to guide you, help you stay motivated and get the most out of each workout.  Coaching Zone uses the latest technology and techniques in a 45-minute workout, followed by 15 minutes of coaching to review participant’s progress and provide education on a range of lifestyle factors that can accelerate results. The website enables prospective members to find and sign up to a local studio, allow existing members to book a class, and for potential franchisees to register their interest. The website utilizes Kentico EMS Marketing Automation features with identified enquirers, enabled with a plan to increase the sophistication in this area over time.  

Community Food Centres Canada

Implemented by A.K.A. New Media Inc., Canada
Kentico Gold Partner

Community Food Centers Canada (CFCC) builds health, belonging, and social justice in low-income communities across Canada through the power of food. CFCC needed a new website that would help contribute to their vision of a Canada where food is treated as a basic right and central to health, and where everyone has the means, knowledge, and voice necessary to access good food with dignity. The technology and business goals of the new CFCC website included prominently displaying clear and consistent CTAs throughout that engage website visitors and prompt them to donate, volunteer, register for an event, etc. To expand functionalities even further, the website is integrated with MailChimp and Care2.


Implemented by The Pull Agency, United Kingdom
Kentico Gold Partner

This project is a relaunch of a clear, rebranded, informative, and intuitive website for Crimestoppers that streamlines and increases anonymous crime reporting, encourages donations and showcases their services, campaigns, and events. Kentico e-commerce functionalities integrated with payment gateways Sage Pay and PayPal meant that Crimestoppers could take donations directly onsite without having to use a third-party solution. The website is also integrated with internal Crimestoppers systems for recording anonymous form data and managing the most-wanted list. From May 2018 to June 2018, the site saw a 40% increase in average session duration and a 20% increase in the number of pages per session.

Envision BVI Workforce Innovation Center

Implemented by Ntara, USA
Kentico Gold Partner

Envision, Inc. and LCI are nonprofit organizations with a lot of heart that are dedicated to improving the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired by providing inspiration and opportunity to them. They are in the unique position to address inadequacies in workforce development, remove barriers to entry and drive employment innovation. Everything on their new site is specifically intended for BVI users, as this is the largest demographic who uses the site, so Ntara built the sitemap, page structure, UX, and content to focus on their needs. The overall flexibility of the project is strengthened by using only four web parts that are leveraged across the whole site.

First Five Years

Implemented by Zeroseven, Australia
Kentico Gold Partner

First Five Years is a source of information for parents of children up to five years old that contains articles from child health professionals. Utilization of the bespoke ‘Ask a question’ tool allows visitors to contact health professionals directly and receive answers on the website, as well as allowing follow up questions raised by other parents. Engagement with Kentico features such as Polls, Newsletters, and Forms helped to increase the number of visitors even more. The main challenges of the project were to design and customize the numerous widgets, to fine-tune the site search, and to integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages as it was predicted that a high percentage of users would be using mobile devices.


Implemented by eSiteful Corporation, USA
Kentico Bronze Partner

McDermott is a premier, fully-integrated provider of technology, engineering, and construction solutions to the energy industry. As this website is a result of the merging of two companies CBI and McDermott, timing the launch was crucial. Formerly, had been utilizing Kentico EMS for a few years and had a robust enterprise site. was a much smaller WordPress site. Because of the earlier development for, eSiteful was able to quickly migrate all content to the new site and apply a completely new design in a little more than two months. The website receives from an average 6000 page views per day in January 2018 through the end of April to more than 18,000 per day.

Weston Food Service

Implemented by Lightburn, Canada
Kentico Gold Partner

Weston Food Service is North America’s premier bakery provider. The website allows Weston to showcase all of their products in a vibrant and appealing way. All content needed to be multi-cultural (French-Canadian, American) because Weston Food Service is a Canadian company and relatively new to the US market. Visitors can easily search for bakery products and use the filtering system to find exactly what they’re looking for. They can also find food inspiration by taking a look at the recipes and articles. Sellers are able to access the Sales Portal where they can download sell sheets, product info guides, and more. The website is integrated with transactional email delivery application, Postmark.

By Jana Repakova in Showcase
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