It’s the Holiday Season–Get Your NuGet Package Now! (Spoiler Alert: Kentico Rich Text Editor Inside)

By David Komarek in Development
·1 min read

Wait, have I seen this one before? Both the Rich Text Inline Editor and the Rich Text Editor Widget have been present on our Marketplace and GitHub for several months already. However, this time, it’s different.

It’s different for several reasons:

  1. It’s official – starting now, this is the recommended way of using the Rich Text in Kentico 12 MVC projects, and you are safe to use this package for production.

  2. It’s all packed together – no need to build anything on your own, just add the NuGet package to the project, and you are ready to go.

  3. It’s customizable – you can create your own configuration together with a set of buttons and prepare the best experience for your users. If the need is to get a widget with all the bells and whistles for creative marketing teams working on rich landing pages, or a widget with a strictly limited set to ensure the perfect design and branding consistency across the whole website, we got you covered.

  4. It’s got all the key features – we gathered feedback along the way and made sure the editor has all the most wanted features—starting with every possible formatting option for your text and paragraphs, followed by inserting Media files from your library, links to other content on the site, or Dynamic text that can greet your site visitors by their name or modify content based on the query string. And we’re going to add even more features 😉.

I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Just give me the link!” OK, here you go, but do not forget to leave feedback (you can do so on GitHub, where you’ll also find readme files).

Rich Text Widget

In case you’re still reading this—enjoy your holidays and make sure you get the most out of this little gift (I understand there is not much time left due to the Star Wars opening night, but who knows how that’ll go...).

By David Komarek in Development
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