Kentico is celebrating 20 years

Pioneering digital solutions for 20 years

Join us in celebrating this milestone—20 years of powerful websites and innovative digital solutions!

Kentico celebrates 20th anniversary

Kentico is 20

Take a quick tour around the Kentico history

From a thesis to a leading tech company

In the beginning, there was a small project by a visionary tech student, Petr Palas. His passion for developing genuinely helpful software drove the evolution of our company from a bachelor thesis into a global leader in digital experience platforms.

Keeping our human spirit in the global market

Petr Švihlík
VP Engineering

“Every morning when I enter the office, I feel familiar warmth and friendliness. I think that's the main reason we're still sitting here after 20 years.”

Kentico is turning 20 this year.

Keys to success

Our longest-standing colleagues talk about why they love Kentico

20 years of stability and innovation

Mike Wills
Mike Wills
VP of Technlogy

"First of all, you don't last that long unless you're doing something right. If you look at all web technology companies, very few have made it as long as they [Kentico] have."

Clients and partners interviews

Our clients and partners have their say

Discover what industry experts think about our anniversary.

Our success is your growth

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