Matěj Štefaník

Vice President of Product at Kentico Xperience

I'm responsible for the roadmap and strategy of the digital experience platform. I follow the news on the market, what Gartner and Forrester analysts get to say, what our partners are telling us, and my job is to figure out whether we have all the important areas covered in our product or whether we should react to these insights. I also cooperate with Marketing and Sales on the positioning and messaging of Kentico Xperience DXP. With my team, we've managed to improve the communication of our vision, strategy, and product news. It's already so much better than it used to be. And that's just the beginning. We have an ambitious plan, just wait for it.

I work at Kentico since 2021. But my passion for content management is much longer. At the university, I worked on open source solutions, then I worked as a Product Manager in enterprise commerce products, such as NetSuite, SolarWinds, and AirBank. I've got 15 years of experience in both product management and solution architecture, and Kentico gave me a great opportunity to come back to the roots of my passion for content management.

Why I love Kentico

I love Kentico because of the team and our cooperation. I went through many companies but Kentico is by far the best. There are no corporate rats lacking responsibility, team spirit, or accountability. We work here as one team together. Yes, the team is young and sometimes it lacks professionalism, but I always choose the team spirit over professionalism that brings to the table its own troubles. I can rely on my colleagues, they are experts in their areas, transparent and honest people and they aren't egoists. But to be fair, I also love the product. I think that Kentico found the sweet spot of the digital experience and content management market so I think that an even brighter future is ahead of us.