Kamil Řezníček

Development Director at Kentico Xperience

My job at Kentico is very diverse and that's what I like about it. My main responsibility is to oversee the development department of Xperience division. I help the dev teams to overcome issues, plan the budget and check the efficiency of our work. In cooperation with product management and UX, I set up the roadmap for our digital experience platform. 

The hardest part of my job is to keep Kentico developers happy, yet, I am very enthusiastic about working with such great and skilled people. I am proud of the atmosphere we have among the development teams. We are open, we trust each other and we help each other grow.

I came to Kentico in 2010 right after college. Before I was developing websites for a small business as a student. Kentico haven't given me any reason to change the job so far. I started as QA Engineer, then I got promoted to QA Manager, I led DevOps Department and now manage the whole Xperience Development.

Why I love Kentico

I feel like I grew together with Kentico. Many of us started working here during our studies so meanwhile we grew up, got married, started our own families... And Kentico always reacted to our needs and the changes in our life paths very well. So we have now additional two weeks off for newly fathers and there are more children than adults on our teambuildings now.

The atmosphere in Kentico is amazing. We understand that each one of us is unique with special skills and weaknesses so we try to let people grow in an area of their choice as long as it is beneficial to Kentico as well. I get up every morning looking forward the new challenges that Kentico will bring me this time.