Gabriela Jakabová

Chief Administrative Officer & Board Member at Kentico Software

I make sure the whole company runs like clockwork—I supervise the Finance, HR, Office, and Legal Department. I am responsible for setting up the strategy and ensuring we stay one step ahead of current trends. That includes preparing a complex employer branding, creating an award-winning HR website, or working on the recent HR digitalization. In the Finance Department, I make sure it runs seamlessly so our company can thrive. Recently we have successfully implemented a new ERP system in time and without any disruption of our work. I am in charge of opening new global offices all over the world, and it was my sole responsibility to have our 2,800 sq m offices built, furnished, and equipped; I was also in control of moving the business there. The transition took only one week, and the office space won the prestigious Healthy Workplace Award.

I joined Kentico very traditionally—via a job advertisement. In 2010, they were looking for an Office Manager. I started working in a small company with 50 employees, one product, and one office abroad. The company has grown rapidly since then. So have I. Having to deal with several challenges, I can say I am never bored or idle in Kentico, even though I have been with the company for years.

Why I love Kentico

Kentico is full of great people who make a strong team together. We are coming up with new ideas all the time, and we consciously aim to be up to date. I can grow alongside Kentico because it gives me so many fantastic opportunities. It is great to see how the company grows, knowing that we are pioneers in detecting trends in so many areas. I am very proud of being a part of such a company.