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Your all-in-one solution

Kentico is the only all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform developed entirely in-house, saving you the hassles of dealing with disparate systems.

Out-of-the-box functionality

Kentico delivers up to 50% more out-of-the-box functionality than comparable technologies, helping you develop and implement stunning websites in half the time, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Rich, customizable feature set

With an extensive set of sophisticated features and incredible levels of customizability, you can always fit the technology around your vision and liberate your creativity.

Extensibility and scalability

Kentico’s open API means you can integrate with virtually anything, and with advanced scalability, you can be sure that your needs never outgrow the platform.

The easy-to-use platform

From developers to content editors, Kentico is the easy-to-use platform that allows users to make edits and update the system quickly, enabling companies to operate both more efficiently and effectively.

Ready for future

With Kentico’s extensive support for the MVC development model, your digital projects can leverage the latest web development trends and frameworks and easily keep up with the future. Thanks to a clear separation of concerns, your developers are able to implement faster, and marketers deliver more.


Having a secure platform for your website is one of Kentico’s top priorities. As well as User Management, Module Permissions, and Double Opt-in Registration options, you can also easily integrate your own user database or authentication service, or use one of the standard authentication methods. With Kentico’s Security features, you never need to worry about your website being hacked, data being compromised, or information being leaked.

24/7 support and 7-day bug-fix policy

Kentico offers 24/7 support from multiple locations worldwide so you can rest assured that there is always someone ready to help, wherever you are. We also provide an industry leading 7-day bug-fix policy, meaning your team spends more time working and less time waiting.

Quick and easy page management

With Kentico customizable forms and page templates, you’re not forced to do endless coding or limited by predefined pages, giving you back the freedom to create the sites you desire.

Keep design separate from your content

Kentico allows you to add, modify, and delete any custom fields you need. Keeping design separate from content means developers can work on the layout and functionality while content editors are free to write independently.

Freedom to create

The combination of Kentico and the MVC development model brings creative freedom back to your team. With MVC Page Builder and MVC Form Builder, your developers can provide marketers with a perfectly tailored set of tools so they can manage website content effectively and without the fear of breaking anything. This gives your marketers the freedom to unleash their creativity and developers the focus to implement faster.

Be mobile ready

With responsive design, you create your website once and have it adapt to various screen sizes and devices on the fly. With the mobile preview option, you can see what your website looks like on different screen sizes directly in Kentico CMS, saving you time and allowing you to adjust content immediately.

Deliver a consistent brand experience

Thanks to Kentico’s page templates, responsive design capabilities, and support for multiple languages, you can offer customers around the world a consistent brand experience across all devices and channels. Deliver a unified brand experience, regardless of device or location.

Build active communities

Through forums, groups, blogs, and social media, you can engage your community, gain valuable insights, build a reputation, and drive qualified leads. With Kentico, customers become brand advocates.

Take full control over design

The Kentico E-commerce solution is highly flexible, meaning you are not limited to any predefined website design, navigation, or product types. It also offers enhanced support for mobile websites, so you can build an online store that automatically adjusts to various mobile devices, without the development headaches.

Ease of integration

Simple integration with external systems such as ERPs, CRMs, payment gateways, and shipping providers means all your systems seamlessly communicate with each other, making the entire customer experience hassle-free for everyone. And by using our Business API, your developers can create bespoke customer experiences with ease.

Powerful feature set

Kentico offers a rich set of e-commerce features, including fully configurable products, rule-based discounts, orders, customizable checkout processes, 30+ built-in store reports, and multiple payment methods, giving you ultimate control and power over your e-commerce site. 

Go global quickly

Regardless of the size of your business, step into the world of global commerce with the Kentico E-commerce solution. With simple implementation of multiple languages and currencies and translation management support, your customers have just got a whole lot closer.

Integrated online marketing

Kentico’s E-commerce solution is fully integrated with Online Marketing features, meaning you don't have to use several applications or waste money on painful integration. Kentico enables you to manage online stores and provides you with a unified view of your marketing activities and customer data. Kentico also helps you deliver and optimize real-time customer centric marketing across multiple channels. 

Extended e-commerce capabilities

With Ucommerce, you can manage products in one place, create structured product catalogs, and assign them to your sales channels accordingly. This means you can sell one product over multiple sales channels for different prices, without the need for a unique store for each region/country/brand. The sophisticated order management allows you to split orders into multiple shipments and accept multiple payments.

360° view of your customers

This comprehensive, fully integrated, cross-channel solution delivers a 360o view of your customers from both website and email interactions, as well as allowing you to post content and get analytics from Facebook and Twitter, all from within one UI. With Kentico’s Online Marketing Solution, your customers are more than just numbers.

Real-time insights

Gain real-time actionable insights into your customers’ behavior. Kentico’s Online Marketing solution generates sales alerts based on your customers’ actions and engagements with your brand, allowing you to deliver timely content and strike while the iron is hot.

Personalize and optimize

Kentico’s Online Marketing solution gives you the tools you need to have full control over the content personalization of your website for every customer journey. Customer segmentation allows you to assign personas to your visitors, meaning you can be sure you are targeting the right audiences with the right content. And with A/B testing, performance tracking, and analytics, you can optimize every campaign and channel according to real-time results, helping you drive a better ROI.

Automate your marketing

Marketing Automation helps you to automate the manual steps that slowed your team down in the past. By nurturing your leads in really effective ways, triggered by the most appropriate actions, Kentico’s Marketing Automation increases your MQL results. Now, you never have to lose sight of your goals or let the technology overwhelm your marketing message.

Deliver qualified leads

Lead scoring helps you get more from your leads and takes the guesswork out of sales. Kentico’s Online Marketing solution applies pre-defined points to your customers based on their interactions with your company, and lets you know when they have become sales ready. With Kentico, you can be sure you are delivering only highly qualified leads to your Sales team.

Simplified collaboration process

Kentico simplifies the collaboration process when it comes to sharing ideas, sharing documents, and working on projects, helping increase productivity and developing a greater sense of team spirit. Empower your employees with a simpler, faster way to smarter working.

Update documents centrally

Have you ever lost data due to multiple variations of a document being edited at the same time? With Kentico, you can simply update a central document, using familiar editing tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and avoid upload and download version confusion.

Retain full control

With Kentico’s Intranet and Collaboration solution, authors retain full control over the workflow, data, and documents produced, meaning you never lose control of your content.

Robust versioning capabilities

Keep information up to date and never lose your changes with robust version control tools, allowing you to restore previous versions seamlessly when necessary. Now, you don’t need to be afraid of website downtime or the loss of important information.

Sophisticated, user-friendly intranet

Kentico’s built-in themes, quick configuration, and user-friendly UI helps you get your intranet site up and running faster. With the power to customize and personalize your own sophisticated intranet for an experience your team will love, you can have your intranet, your way.

We have been working with Kentico for a number of years now, beginning with version 2 of the product. Kentico has enabled us to deliver sites more quickly than with previous CMS frameworks—and with more functionality. This in turn frees us to explore new areas of business and add extra value to our clients. We are also finding benefit in making use of the portal model, which increases turnaround and reduces cost, for changes to sites that we support.

Mark Prins, Development Manager
Datacom, New Zealand


All Features

Kentico, the only all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform, comes with a substantial list of out-of-the-box features, helping you get your website operational faster.

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