The Kentico Xperience vision: digital experience platform

Check out our vision of the road ahead and see how we aim to arm our customers and partners with a future-proof solution that helps them be even more successful in the evolving world of digital marketing.

Major trends in digital marketing

These are the key trends that we see in the market today and that form the basis of our long-term strategy:

  • A dramatic shift towards performance-oriented marketing and towards digital marketing. More than ever, marketers are required to deliver results.
  • Websites continue to play the key role in digital marketing, but for long term success marketers need new expertise and tools beyond CMS that will enable them to deliver great customer experiences.
  • Consumerization of IT has changed the expectations of users – they want to use enterprise software on their own devices, they want it to be as user-friendly as their smartphone apps and accessible outside the company firewall.
  • IT departments are more interested in what marketing is doing – CIOs and CMOs need to work closer and CMOs have more say in technology selection.
  • Ubiquity of mobile, cloud, social and big Data – these overarching industry trends define what digital marketing will look like in the future.

The problem: taming the digital marketing beast

The world of technology and marketing is full of disruptive changes. In order to stay competitive it’s essential to embrace the change and pace of our modern world. More than ever, successful marketers and developers are required to deliver a customer-centric, context-aware experience, but they face complexity.

Today, customers who cannot afford over-sized and complicated enterprise suites can only choose from point solutions. These need to be integrated and each of them comes with its own learning curve and its own costs.

The vision: digital experience platform

We believe that digital marketing success should reflect the quality of your offering, not the technology you can afford. We’re on a mission to democratize digital marketing so that any business, regardless of size or budget can make the most of new opportunities.

We’ve heard from our customers and partners that they need a single place to manage content and ensure consistency and efficiency. Kentico is responding with a fully-integrated solution for marketers that provides all the tools they need in a single place. Starting from a central customer database, Kentico Xperience shares information across all marketing tools and integrates with your existing CRM and ERP, thereby solving the problem of inconsistent customer data across multiple silos.

We see content as the proxy to communicate with customers, but this communication is no longer just managed by the CMS, it’s created and re-used by other digital marketing tools. Combined with relevant data on customer’s context, Kentico Xperience delivers the symmetry of delivering the right content at the right time.

The digital experience platform comes with an extensive set of tools that you can begin to use immediately, and you can extend the functionality with third-party tools from the Kentico Xperience Marketplace. Plus, you have the ability to replace our native tools with external tools if needed.

At Kentico one of our goals is to enable marketers to deliver a truly consistent customer experience across all channels, so we provide the ability for you to integrate Kentico Xperience with existing systems as well as other key touch points, such as social media.

We want to be the marketer’s cockpit that provides them with a real-time view of their marketing activities – anytime, anywhere, from the device of their choice.

Five pillars of our product vision

Pillar #1: Superior UX

We want all users to be able to start using our tools without extensive training. We want to build a product that both marketers and developers will love to use every day. We will deliver access to our tools any time from any device.

Pillar #2: Enhanced native solutions

We continue enhancing and deepening our existing native solutions so that they cover all customer needs. These include web content management, digital marketing, and commerce.

Pillar #3: Healthy ecosystem

Marketers often rely on external resources that help them create and execute their digital marketing strategy. Kentico Xperience Solution Partners play a critical role in the customer success as they bring needed expertise and skills.

Pillar #4: Easy integration

Kentico’s digital experience platform will provide native connectors for major CRM and ERP systems, as well as some popular marketing tools our customers already use. This is in additional to the industry leading extensibility for developers that Kentico Xperience has always been known for. We provide a well-documented API and our unique Integration Bus that simplifies the development of custom connectors.

Pillar #5: Powerful development platform

With all the focus on digital marketing, we understand the importance of developers who bring their technical expertise to help marketers execute their plans. We continue supporting developers with a powerful, flexible and extensible platform on the Microsoft .NET and .NET Core technology and focus on making their job as easy as possible.

We provide developers with many out-of-the-box applications and widgets they can use to quickly build and deploy custom solutions for their clients. Our well-documented API allows them to customize any aspect of the solution according to the business requirements.

With Kentico Xperience, developers get the same flexibility whether they run their solution on-premises or in the cloud.

Making it happen

Executing our vision is an incremental process. During the next three to five years, we will continue delivering one major version every 12 to 18 months, but we will also provide smaller updates in a shorter release cycle to make sure you get the latest enhancements without waiting for the next big release.

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