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Bits Orchestra, the Kentico Xperience Bronze Partner, excels in delivering transformative digital experience platforms that drive commercial success. With a team of 40 developers, including 9 Kentico certified developers, Bits Orchestra boasts a large in-house Kentico Xperience awards winning team in Europe.

With over ten years of expertise in Kentico implementation and integration, we possess a deep understanding of how to leverage the full potential of the Kentico Xperience platform to create commercially successful digital solutions aligned with our clients' business goals. Whether the aim is to enhance customer engagement or drive revenue growth, we excel at delivering exceptional omni-channel digital experiences that yield transformative results for our clients.

Kentico Xperience Services
- Platform configuration & implementation including content management, e-commerce and online marketing
- Platform customisation
- Kentico migration
- Third party integration
- Optimisation and automation
- Support & maintenance

UI/UX design
- Project definition and scope;
- Design discovery & research;
- Ideation and prototyping;
- UI and interactive design.

And we cover such solutions as:

Customer facing
- Product information systems;
- Vendor marketplace applications;
- Online learning platforms;
- E-commerce websites.

Operational excellence
- Communication and collaboration portals;
- Process automation;
- Order management system;
- Sales quoting tools;
- Inventory management;
- Master data management.

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