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A.K.A. is a Toronto-based strategic communications and technology company that develops customized online and offline solutions for prominent companies across a range of industries.

Since its inception in 1997, A.K.A. has exemplified a passionate commitment to providing the highest quality communication and technical solutions. Built on thoughtful and open relationships with our clients, A.K.A strives to understand the context of their unique business situations completely. Whether designing integrated marketing strategies or custom software, A.K.A. seeks opportunities of positive social impact and maintains immense pride in all of the work and services we provide.

A.K.A. is a leader in aligning communications and brand identity into online properties. A.K.A. is proud to be the recipient of numerous industry awards, including two Applied Arts Magazine Awards for Marketing/Corporate Website design, and Maclean Hunter’s Digital Marketing Award.

A.K.A. is a privately-held company with a broad client base in Canada, the United States and Europe. A.K.A. provides a full range of technical and communications services including Web site development, branding and identity services, production of marketing assets (both online and offline), custom application development and production and deployment of electronic communications vehicles (eBlasts, eNewsletters, online annual reports, etc…). A.K.A. has a strong commitment to innovation and development, and is constantly developing new solutions and enhancing current strategies based on changes in technology, industry trends, client needs and online user behaviour.

For more information, please visit www.akanewmedia.com

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