Kentico Evaluation Report - J. Boye

"The current release is 8.0, which came out in March 2014. Kentico CMS began as a small-enterprise offering but has steadily built out from a core set of Web Content Management features to become a strong e-marketing suite with the capability to support multilingual and multi-site environments. The customer base spans higher education, mid size enterprises, and large, multinational corporations with extensive product catalogs.” J. Boye

This J. Boye insight paper is written on the basis of the experience and knowledge of members of the J.Boye expert team, interviews with customers and partners of Kentico, and a briefing by Kentico. The intention of the evaluation is to give you, as a buyer or an existing customer, an easily accessible tool to evaluate whether Kentico would be the right CMS for your targets and web presence objectives.
In order to provide you with a high level overview of Kentico, we have provided a fact sheet and analysis. In the following pages, we will evaluate Kentico against ten of the top requirements for a new CMS seen from the point of view of J. Boye members.
Finally, we will look at technology, vendor intangibles, and market trends, and provide an overall evaluation.
“Kentico functionality covers five main areas: Web Content Management, Online Marketing (EMS version), Intranet and Collaboration, E-commerce, and Online Communities. Recent enhancements to the product have greatly expanded its ability to manage user generated content (UGC) via wikis, blogs, and forums, and have also brought powerful marketing and analytics capabilities, although these require substantial product expertise to deploy effectively.”
“Kentico emphasizes modularity, extensibility, and scalability, balancing a rich set of built-in functionalities against the ever-more-demanding realities of online marketing in such a way that customers aren't likely to outgrow the system or feel the need to "graduate" to a high-end alternative after bumping up against limitations. Kentico's focus is squarely on the mid tier, but the product has many high-end capabilities.”
“Often, an organization needs to rely on its CMS to enforce corporate branding standards, content quality standards, accessibility requirements, cross-cultural requirements, and so forth. Kentico's workflow/approval system is sophisticated enough to meet most needs, supporting conditional branching, time-outs, and custom logic. In Kentico EMS edition (only), you also get a visual flow designer far surpassing the capabilities of many a more expensive solution.”


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