Technology Evaluation Centers - Kentico EMS 7

"Kentico's EMS version 7 is quite competitive across all of the areas that TEC covers in our WCM research. It provides a particularly strong set of functionality when it comes to workflow-related requirements, with a dominant ranking compared with competition in the space." Technology Evaluation Center

The Information Management and Collaboration Evaluation Center enables you to compare and evaluate functionality based on TEC’s comprehensive model of WCM software. Data used in the Evaluation Center are
obtained from the vendor’s responses to TEC’s research questionnaire. Certification ensures that Kentico has demonstrated Kentico EMS's support for specific real-world business processes chosen by TEC analysts; and that TEC analysts have reviewed the research questionnaire data about Kentico EMS against known benchmarks.

"Kentico is putting a lot of attention into the marketing requirements that companies have in their Web sites. This includes things like a lead scoring system, and it has integrated functionality and logic to get some of the experience management “wow” factor that the larger vendors tout. It supports marketing automation activities through the same type of workflow management interface that it uses for EMS’s advanced workflow management of administrative and editorial processes."

"Kentico has also been conscientious in developing support for translation activities, which is something that is often not as well developed in applications priced at this level. The system has a user-friendly, side-by-side interface that translators can use to go from the default language (or “culture” in Kentico’s terminology) to the translated one."

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