Accelerating website dev with Xperience by Kentico: AllSeater & Red Door Interactive

This webinar was recorded on April 25, 2024

What you will learn from the recording

In today's dynamic digital landscape, the choice between an all-in-one solution and best-of-breed platforms has challenged marketers, developers, and support teams. Xperience by Kentico steps in as a hybrid headless solution, offering flexibility without sacrificing integration.

In this recording you will learn how Red Door Interactive used Xperience by Kentico to create an immersive website experience for season ticket management platform, AllSeater. With AllSeater, you can quickly and easily distribute tickets through a randomized lottery, while keeping everyone notified and engaged. You can customize the lottery to prioritize certain groups, then sell or donate anything extra, helping you get the most out of what you paid for. No more headaches, no more wasted tickets—just an opportunity to bring people together to enjoy the show. 

Building the site in near-record time, Red Door was able to deliver robust marketing features that will scale with AllSeater, providing flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing user needs and market trends. Xperience by Kentico offers a unique blend of built-in features  and integration APIs. 

Sr. Director, Web & Platform Solutions, Red Door Interactive
Candice Wyatt
Sr. Director, Web & Platform Solutions
Red Door Interactive
Gary Peterson
Mike Hennessey
Senior Customer Success Manager

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