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Yachting.com is a boat-booking portal with more than 15,000 yachts, catamarans, and houseboats and more than 3,000 annual bookings. Its ambition is to become a global leader in the business. With the Kentico implementation, they aimed to simplify the booking process, to make it quick and efficient.

decrease in time to process one order

Outstanding acceleration in order processing

The main goal for Yachting was to simplify the process of booking their boat services. Through the implementation of Kentico, ACTUM was able to reduce the complexity and obstacles between the customers and a purchase. However, there are many areas that must be covered before sailing can commence. Captains need to coordinate a team, plan a whole cruise, prepare a contract, and wait for payments from all participants.

With the implementation of Kentico, Yachting’s new website checks all payments, thus helping captains with billing.  ACTUM also updated the search engine, so clients are able to find various combinations of departures and arrivals.

Kentico solution partner, ACTUM, added: “By introducing a rebranding of the firm, we were able to drive increased traffic and new customers to their site and it resulted in an overall streamlining of the process for customers and sales representatives.”

Yachting reaped the reward with extraordinary results. Now, bookings are so effortless, that instead of seven hours, it only takes 10 minutes to finalize the whole order.

Technology used:

  • Integration with Salesforce CRM
  • After login, a personalized self-care portal with fully automated reservation processes 
  • The customer chooses a boat and additional services such as insurance or paddle board and then proceeds to reservation and online payment. In the next step, the customer can fill out the crew list, upload his/her captain’s license and sign the contract online with SMS verification. 
  • On the back end, complex integrations with Salesforce, search engines, and specialized yacht booking systems (similar to airline booking system Amadeus/Sabre)
  • Kentico EMS Email Marketing functionality implemented and used for campaigns


A comparison of data from two months before Kentico implementation, January 4, 2019, with data from two months after the launch, yielded the following results:

decrease in time to process one order

increase in international website visitors

decrease in page load time

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