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By Reason One, USA
Twenty & Oak

Twenty & Oak, an online flooring showroom featuring hundreds of styles and designs in the latest flooring fashion, in collaboration with Reason One, a full-service digital agency, successfully launched a new business model by creating a digital commerce solution that generates a flow of leads and quotes for a network of dealers.

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A business opportunity to connect consumers with dealers

Twenty & Oak wanted to create a new business that would connect consumers looking for flooring to dealers in their area. This business would be the economic engine responsible for generating sales leads for smaller dealers with smaller marketing budgets and consequently result in more flooring product sales for the distributor.

The project realized by Reason One was an entirely new website that should serve leads to dealers, enable consumers to order samples, and provide quotes to consumers through the dealer network. 

With no current audience and a new business model in place, the main challenge of the project was to generate a solid flow of prospects. 

Reason One built the solution on the Kentico Xperience platform and took advantage of numerous features. The digital commerce functionality allowed for online transactions, quote requests, marketing automation, and distribution of custom coupon codes. Plus, a robust product search was built on the Lucene search engine with extensive filtering options.

Digital commerce features implemented:

  • Products, manufacturers, and suppliers management
  • Shopping cart set-up
  • Discounts
  • Checkout process
  • Order management
  • Store reports
  • Commerce automation

Kentico Xperience’s Marketing Automation solution and custom widgets ensures Twenty & Oak stays in touch with customers post purchase. They use Kentico Xperience to trigger a process of sending marketing emails to their customers based on changing the status of the order. Tracking all activities, Twenty & Oak can see open and click rates of the automated emails on their dashboard with store reports. 

Flooring sample listing, sorting, and detail pages allow users to add items to their shopping carts with ease. Plus, Twenty & Oak can apply a custom discount rule or offer freebies without payment. 

The entire commerce solution is integrated with QuickBooks, an online accounting service, that serves also as a payment gateway and an API updates customer orders with transaction statuses. 


Implementing the commerce website delivered a new innovative business model for a company that is 100+ years old. Since launch, Twenty & Oak reach 600,000 page views per month, and with a goal of having a mobile-centric experience, they have experienced a 30% conversion rate on mobile.

"We needed a website that would not only beautifully showcase our product offering but would be easy for our team to manage. Not only does Kentico Xperience make it simple for us to add and remove products but it also gives us flexibility on how we want to feature certain products on the site.”

Stacy Baker, System and Web Administrator
Twenty & Oak

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