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St.LukesHealth is an established Australian Health Insurer with a full range of healthcare cover options tailored to different lifestyle and financial needs. Through their digital platforms, they support their members by helping them to ‘stay healthy, get well, and live better with peace of mind’.

increase in homepage views

Turning the website into a digital experience

The website forms part of St.LukesHealth’s overarching digital strategy, becoming the go-to source of information and resources for members. 

St.LukesHealth wanted to redevelop their website to give current and potential members a valuable and intuitive experience, making the site a more customer-centric platform. It was important that the St.LukesHealth website supported their brand and matched customer care centre experiences. They wanted to increase brand awareness, improve lead generation and conversion, and better position their products.

The Digital Embassy has worked closely with St.LukesHealth on a number of website redevelopment projects over the years, helping to ensure their continued position as an industry leader.

In the latest redesign and redevelopment project, the goals for St.LukesHealth included incorporating:

  • Kentico for commerce
  • Location personalised Cover Selector
  • HAMBS integration
  • Sophisticated e-communications functionality

St.LukesHealth had advanced requirements for their new platform that needed to empower their marketers. They needed the ability to create campaigns as well as generate leads and manage their customer base to improve communications to their target audience in the respective stage of their customer journey. 

Additionally, the redesigned and redeveloped website needed to integrate with various platforms and external software to give St.LukesHealth the complex functionality they requested.

Integrated solution empowering the marketing team

St.LukesHealth’s previous website design made it hard for users to compare health insurance cover levels, whereas the new design simplifies this process and enhances the user journey while being easily modifiable through the CMS. 

Kentico made it easy to implement vastly improved web design practices across the website. The new website is responsive, serving all of their consumers seeking to access the site on mobile devices. Importantly, Kentico gave St.LukesHealth the ability to integrate with Campaign Monitor to improve their marketing and communication efforts with consumers.

A number of custom page types and page templates now enable content editors to create, edit, and arrange sections of the page in any way they want. Custom tables are also used to store required data. This feature now allows St.LukesHealth to store custom appointment data, which is secure yet easily accessible by those authorized. 

The Kentico digital experience platform was selected due to its competitive advantages for commerce, including profiling and personalization capabilities.

Kentico allows St.LukesHealth’s marketing team to readily update and schedule the publication of pages, content, forms and PDF documents as required. Additionally, they can now schedule the publication of pages or information on existing pages, as required.

This empowers them to create compelling campaigns, capture new customers, and nurture their current customer base. They are now able to communicate their core values and points of difference to their consumers, implementing their content strategy.

Kentico contacts are used to store subscribed visitor information, giving the marketing team better insights and more control. Ability to integrate with third party technology was a big advantage. The Digital Embassy used Kentico APIs to integrate with HAMBS, YourFund, and Campaign Monitor. 

Other features used include categories to distinguish pages; smart search for better usability; role management for authorisation options; and media libraries. 

Location personalized cover selector

The Digital Embassy wanted to provide new St.LukesHealth clients with a seamless search for healthcare cover information, simplifying their options. To do this, they introduced location-based personalization for healthcare cover options. 

The Cover Selector feature helps users find the right level of insurance to meet their needs. It configures product-pricing data to the user’s location, giving users from all over Australia an intuitive, personalized search experience. 

HAMBS integration

By integrating with the Hospital and Medical Benefits System (HAMBS) software via a SOAP API, automated up-to-date pricing is provided for St.LukesHealth packages.

The location personalization and HAMBS integration work together to provide seamless information gathering in the user journey, improving the UX delivered through the website.


By integrating the website with external CRM systems and email marketing software, St.LukesHealth marketers are empowered to deliver on their long-term strategies.

A sophisticated e-communications sign-up system now plays a part in allowing St.LukesHealth to develop their communications strategy and reach a wider audience.


St.LukesHealth saw immediate results from their website due to relevant content being more easily accessible for members and new customers alike. The results indicate increased brand awareness and deeper navigation of users into the website. 

In the first three months since going live (Feb 4, 2019–May 4, 2019) compared to the previous three months (Nov 6, 2018–Feb 3, 2019), the following results were achieved:

increase in homepage views
decrease in bounce rate
increase in pageviews per session

“The Digital Embassy certainly lived by its motto of “leveraging the power of technology to optimise operational efficiencies and drive customer value”. With the support of The Digital Embassy, St.LukesHealth has improved its communications to our target audiences and assisted members and prospective members in their associated customer journey.

Since our website refresh, we have had a significant uptake in traffic to the site, spurred along with the help of our content marketing strategy. The Kentico platform in the back end of the site is easy to use and has enabled St.LukesHealth staff to easily upload information for our members, especially with the introduction of the Australian Government’s Private Health Insurance Reforms.

Our members love that the website is easy to navigate and that all content – from products and services through to health content and regulation information – is at their fingertips. It has created a point of difference from our competitors and we are thrilled with the result.”

Rochelle Galloway, Communications and Member Engagement Coordinator

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