Sectorinstituut Transport & Logistiek

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Sectorinstituut Transport & Logistiek
Transport & Logistics

Sectorinstituut Transport & Logistiek (STL) facilitates both businesses and people to operate in the transportation sector, acting as a liaison between other organizations, the government, and the transportation sector. By creating a website and portal for employers with optimized customer journeys, they managed to deliver excellent customer experience and produce great results.

increase in page views

The challenge: improve customer experience for diverse audiences

STL wanted to optimize the portal for employers in the industry to increase the customer experience with serving branch and market-specific information. Besides the portal, the public website needed to be optimized to serve better and relevant content across the customer journey.

Improvement in the search and navigation features in order to support the customer journey was the biggest challenge. Though campaign landing pages performed really well, visitors from organic traffic found navigation difficult with a lot of content for different audiences. Website visitors left the website before finding what they were looking for or performing a call to action.

The solution: gaining insights and optimizing the customer journey       

Kentico Xperience was already a proven technology for STL, and this together with the support of Aviva Solutions digital agency were important motivators to remain with Kentico Xperience, instead of using one of the other CMS systems that are being used within the company.

To keep up with demand and current technology, Aviva optimized the most vital processes and migrated the platform to the latest version of Kentico Xperience. The optimizations focused on further development of the website and the portal for employers to enhance customer expectations and service.  

STL selected key users to undertake the Kentico Xperience courses for content editor and marketers. In collaboration with those key-users, Aviva began the task of developing easy-to-use pages and components to enable STL to restructure their content and start using marketing features such as A/B testing, Segmentation, and Contact Groups. 

By utilizing the test and optimization tooling provided by the new platform, STL transformed into a test culture that helped them understand their target audience and move toward a Fail Fast, Move Quickly, Succeed Sooner market approach.

Aviva developed integrations with HRM and CRM systems to facilitate customer-specific information and used the following technology solutions within the project:

  • Staging for deploying changes to page types and templates
  • Scheduled tasks to export data from forms to the CRM system
  • Integrated authorization and access restrictions from an external service
  • Responsive and mobile-optimized features
  • Continuous integration in both development and test environment


The year on year comparison (2019 vs 2020) produced the following outstanding results:

increase in page views
increase in mobile visitors
increase in returning visitors

"The digital experience platform from Kentico is a perfect combination of digital marketing, content management, and commerce. It’s easy to use and within our budget range.

Aviva is most distinguished by their personal approach. Moreover, they think along with you, they understand your problems and they proactively look for possibilities and solutions within the Kentico Xperience platform."

Karin Schoneveld, Manager Marketing & Innovation, Sectorinstituut Transport en Logistiek


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