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Sanlam UK

Sanlam’s wealth of experience in providing financial products and services spans over 100 years. Based on the findings of a customer insights project, Sanlam UK commissioned Crafted to redefine its digital presence.

increase in inbound inquiries

Better (and faster) access to wealth management advice

Clear goals were set from the project beginning: firstly, drive more inquiries and position Sanlam UK as an industry leader for financial information and secondly, deliver a fast, secure, reliable site that supports a client portal and provides a high level of content flexibility and a digital brochure builder (GDPR compliant).

Content categorization is used to deliver relevant and easily searchable content to the user, helping to make a complex subject area accessible and easy to digest. Sanlam’s marketing team can highlight key events such as budget releases, giving them pride of place across the website.


The ability to reach different audiences, armed with a new brand identity and an effective website, has transformed Sanlam UK’s business. The marketing team are now investing in channels (such as PPC) which were previously unaffordable due to conversion levels of the previous website. A YOY comparison between the months of April 2019 and April 2018 produced the following results: 

increase in inbound inquiries

increase in pages per session

increase in total site traffic




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