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QSR International
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Software company, QSR International, sells its NVivo products around the world, across numerous different countries and currencies. As such, it needed a site that would seamlessly accommodate its global commerce requirements. In the first year since the site’s launch, QSR has seen a rise in commerce revenue of 21%.

increase in commerce revenue

Powering global commerce

Prior to the launch of this website, QSR had a 12-year-old site that was very much out of step with where the business wanted to be. Kentico has enabled QSR to bring its website into line with its business objectives.

Some of the efficiencies that QSR was able to gain from moving to Kentico include:

  • Removing the need for an FTP to make changes across the site
  • Allowing administrators to schedule content (previously, if something needed to go live at midnight, someone would have to get up and publish it)
  • Allowing the creation of new pages without the need for a developer 
  • Making flexible content blocks available for administrators to efficiently create new pages.


Technology Solution:

  • Modular development - The capacity within Kentico to build the site in a modular form facilitated an agile approach, allowing QSR to start working on certain sections while other sections were still being developed. 
  • Flexible content blocks - The new site includes 20 content blocks (handled by Kentico built-in webpart UniView) which have vastly simplified the content management process for QSR. 
  • Pricing wizard - Get Started created a custom product selection tool, based on Kentico’s SKU Class in E-commerce Module, to guide users through the purchasing process. The pricing wizard incorporates rules around the location of the purchaser and the relevant currency, taxes, and shipping costs. 
  • The site was also integrated with three different payment gateways, which was made seamless through Kentico.


The year-on-year (Sept 2015 vs 2016) results of the project:

increase in average time spent on site

increase in average pages viewed per session

decrease in bounce rate




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