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Perth Zoo, one of Perth’s most iconic attractions for locals and tourists alike, needed to enhance its website commerce capabilities to provide a truly seamless digital experience. Perth Zoo’s current solution provides an intuitive customer journey while cutting operating costs and accelerating content delivery.

increase in membership sales

Transforming the business from a 9–5 to a 24/7

With a plethora of types of events, complex ticket discounting scenarios, and an active point of sales system, the main issues encountered by the old system were that it was lacking in performance and did not encourage users to purchase tickets and book events online, instead opting to either calling the Zoo or purchasing at the front counter. This meant additional staff at the front counters to manage all the on-the-day sales.

Perth Zoo needed a user experience supporting a purchasing journey that catered for all the possible ways a user may like to purchase a ticket or book an event (or both). The project also aimed to remove the daily reliance on developers and empower the staff at Perth Zoo to fully own and manage their website, commerce, and digital marketing initiatives.

Intuitive purchasing journey

Integranet built a thought-out and scalable cloud-based solution using Kentico EMS digital experience platform. Providing the staff at Perth Zoo with an intuitive user experience and reducing dependency on developers led to a decrease in operating costs and accelerated the process of updating content.

Allowing the public to experience the magic of Perth Zoo, the new website resulted in a rapid increase in sales immediately following the launch.

Content, commerce, and digital marketing synergy

The easy-to-use dashboard and content management functionality accelerate uptake from the client and enable the creation of content alongside development. As the site grows, the client can independently add new pages without reliance on the developer. Page templates help with constantly changing and evolving events all year round, and widgets provide content editors with better control and customization of website content.

Email marketing features are used to automate marketing activity and take advantage of upsell opportunities. The Commerce capability of the solution covers the listing of products, events, workshops, membership and ticket purchases, promotion management, etc.

Customer data management provides a wide range of customer types as they create accounts, log in and view purchase details. Marketing, therefore, can target customer types as well as leverage information across the site, only needing to edit one central source of truth.

Integranet integrated the solution with a POS system, linking all sales data, inventory, pricing, and discounts together. Data security features of the Kentico EMS platform protect Perth Zoo, a government organization, as rapid transactions and mass purchases take place, all linked with user data and payment information.


The Perth Zoo project was completed in December, 2019 and outstanding results were achieved immediately after the site was launched. In a year-to-year comparison of measures between January, 2019 and 2020, the following results prove how successful the project was:

sales increase in "Close Encounter"

increase in online membership sales

increase in average time on page

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