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Based in Belgium, PANESCO is a brand of the La Lorraine group, which is the largest independent bakery group in Belgium. PANESCO offers a range of more than 300 high-quality products, with the product lines being updated every six months. The website aims to bring continuous innovation-based products to the table, offering top-class quality and convenience. 

increase in page views

A multi-cultural website developed to increase customer engagement and generate leads

The main goals of this project were to build an online channel for the Panesco brand, increase brand awareness, web traffic, and engage website visitors with relevant content.

ACTUM Digital provided La Lorraine with a scalable platform for content creation and created a site with a unique web design to increase interaction with brand assets. Features directly focused on lead generation using sample orders, contact forms, newsletter subscription, and content downloads were introduced.

The structure of the website was changed and all of the components were replaced with new ones. Finding the right balance between flexible, customizable design and the ease of content administration and designing the infrastructure within the available budget were the main challenges.

The project spread is Europe-wide with overseas outreach. With that in mind, scalable architecture design was created in alignment with the best practices of Microsoft Azure and infrastructure was built in the Azure PaaS approach. Thanks to thorough initial research, no scaling was needed in operation and La Lorraine was able to split infrastructure costs between multiple instances of Kentico.

Using Azure in PaaS mode saved on costs connected with deployment and continuous integration, less effort is spent on any geolocation scaling and of course, hassles with security patches were eliminated.

Smooth manual upload to FTP allowed for unproblematic deployment to Azure cloud without CDN due to the lack of seasonal peaks in visits.

Azure features used within the solution

  • 1x App Service (S3) – Production
  • 1x App Service (S2) – UAT/QA
  • 3x Blob storage – Production, UAT/QA, backups
  • 1x SQL Database (S2) – Production
  • 1x SQL Database (S1) – UAT
  • 1x SQL Database (Basic) – QA


The content extensive and multi-cultural website was launched in September 2019. With a unique, modern, and responsive design, La Lorraine raised brand awareness and increased traffic to the Panesco website. Within the first month after the launch, the number of new users increased by 15%. The year-on-year project results (October 2019 vs October 2018) reveal that:

increase in new users

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