Creating a dazzling digital experience for New Hampshire’s history

By SilverTech, USA
Creating a dazzling digital experience for New Hampshire’s history
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The New Hampshire Historical Society (NHHS) is dedicated to saving, preserving, and sharing the history of the state of New Hampshire from 1823, as an independent, nonprofit organization. They are a member-driven society, whose programs and services are made possible by membership dues and contributions.

items publicly available online

Bringing New Hampshire’s history to digital life

To create a sought-after hub for people to explore and research New Hampshire and its history, NHHS knew they needed to revamp their digital presence. Their goal was to showcase a complete historical collection in an attractive way that would also drive online purchases and donations. 

Digital agency SilverTech was chosen to realize the project and was keen on showing off their home state in the best way possible. Together with NHHS, they took a deep dive into target audiences, personas, expected outcomes, as well as user requirements. 

As a result, they implemented a scalable solution built on Kentico. The solution provided a robust search platform for historical artifacts, a custom-tailored digital commerce checkout process, and a comprehensive membership area. The new website’s interface took on a clean, simple, yet elegant look and impresses visitors with an interactive and searchable timeline of New Hampshire history. 

Integration with the museum inventory archive and connecting partner societies gave NHHS the ability to share assets, which totals over 100,000 items. The catalog search created a seamless viewing experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet views.  



NNHS accomplished the goal of creating a single hub for people to view and research New Hampshire by providing historical assets from local historical societies and collecting institutions across the state. 

Nowadays, NHHS can easily add artifacts to the website that leverages custom search index. Online member data is synchronized effortlessly and enables members to make purchases through the online store, along with donations that can be given via the shopping cart. 

By bringing over 100,000 historical artifacts online and available to the public with the website’s launch, NHHS achieved huge success.  In the first three months since launching the new website, NNHS experienced:

items publicly available online

partner societies connected to the website

items in the network catalog.

“With Kentico Xperience’s robust features, we were able to integrate three different collections of software databases into one seamless user experience that allows visitors to view our entire collection and digital assets through one simple search.”

 Sarah Galligan, Library Director, New Hampshire Historical Society 




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