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Mega 3 Housing needed to find a portal for promoting their properties and to satisfy all target audiences throughout the Malaysian market. Closely cooperating with the client, Optima Innovations implemented Salesforce integrated solution that significantly improved their business results.

minute increase in session duration

Engaging with visitors using marketing automation

Their former WordPress-based website did not serve their needs because it generated too many unclassified leads that were hard for salesmen to grasp. Now, the website works with 14 contact groups which were created using the information from contact forms and the calculator. Two of these groups are immediately sent to Salesforce, assigned as hot leads, and subsequently contacted by Mega 3 Housing salesmen. Signed-in customers are also able to personalize their views and see specific offers based on their preferences.

To hold the visitors' attention, the website heavily utilizes marketing automation—customers are informed, for example, about new blog posts, locations, updates on building progress, etc. Taking into account the character of the industry, it was crucial here to keep the visitors aware of Mega 3 activities and new offers, which was achieved due to the increased number of daily visitors and session duration.


After the redesign and switch to Kentico, the website has seen:

daily visitors

decrease in bounce rate

minute increase in session duration

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