Marler Haley

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Marler Haley

Marler Haley is the UK’s leading supplier of banners, displays, and exhibition stands for trade shows, conferences, job fairs, and other events. Since their inception, Marler Haley has established themselves in the e-commerce space, offering a platform that allows customers to upload artwork and order bespoke branded banner stands for their upcoming events — and they needed a website that would promote just that. 

increase in conversion rate

Moving to the all-in-one solution

Due to ambitious growth plans, Marler Haley was looking to develop a new website — one which would allow them to not only stand out with a slick design but also improve lead generation via increased marketing functionality. The existing website had basic commerce functionality but lacked enterprise-level marketing functionality and integration with their other technology platforms. Kentico Xperience was the platform of choice due to its all-in-one marketing functionality. 

Kentico can be easily integrated with multiple CRM platforms, which was helpful, as Marler Haley used Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Historically, Marler Haley had been manually moving customer and order data from their e-commerce platform into Microsoft Dynamics., but this arduous task for the team was removed, thanks to a bespoke integration. 

Marler Haley is now equipped with a robust, easy-to-edit commerce platform that significantly enhances their online presence. The marketing team has a host of tools available to them, all integrated within Kentico, which enables intuitive campaigns to be launched as and when required. The Kentico platform is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. All registered users and orders are passed directly from Kentico to the CRM, eliminating the need for manual entry.  


Marler Haley achieved outstanding results from before the Kentico implementation (July to December 2016) compared to six months after (July to December 2017):

increase in product page conversion rate

increase in cart page conversion rate

increase in contact us conversion rate

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