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The mission of InnovAge is to allow seniors to live life on their terms – by aging in place, in their own homes and communities, for as long as safely possible. Their approximately 1,100 employees serve more than 3,600 seniors. Their website focus is to position InnovAge as the premier PACE provider in the United States.

increase in page views

A high-performance website with Kentico on Azure

The use of Azure has not only resulted in cost savings but CDN servers configured to be geographically close to their audience has resulted in faster page load times, including image load speed that impressively hovers around the 40-80ms range.

The new website also provided InnovAge with a measurable web conversion tunnel, allowing them to bring in highly-qualified leads and filtering out unqualified leads. This new process allows them to filter out the 75% of traffic that they determine to be unqualified, allowing them to focus their sales and marketing efforts to pursue the 25% of traffic that is identified as highly qualified.


Comparing the results from the month prior to launch to the month after launch, significant improvements have been seen, such as:

increase in pages per session

greater length of session duration

lower bounce rate




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  • Quality expert


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  • Personalization
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