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Generator Hostels
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Generator Hostels’ concept oscillates around experience, vibrant events, and high-quality service in the most exciting European cities. Their main aim was to increase bookings, decrease site loading time, as well as providing a far more intuitive website that reflected the brand. 

increase in average order value

Where, when, book

To reflect Generator Hostels’ position as brand leaders and trendsetters in the travel market, the Crafted team completely redesigned the website and prepared it in 11 language variants. 

A vital part of the success of this project was Kentico’s ability to develop custom features and integrate with online booking engines and third-party systems. The Currencies section provided in the Kentico E-commerce module is connected to a custom mechanism which can change all prices on the website client-side (without reloading the page), based on the currency data stored in Kentico. There is also extensive use of Kentico Forms and Widgets that allow editors to extend the page as required. 

The security of the website is ensured by two different types of interfaces—for CMS editors and administrators.


Whether the goal is improvement of sales results, an increase in visitors or an overall increase of user engagement, the new Generator Hostels’ website has accomplished it all. The website was launched in March 2017 and these results are based on a comparison between June 2016 and June 2017:

increase in overall conversion rate

increase in page views

increase in session duration

increase in conversion rate on desktops

increase in conversion rate on mobiles

increase in conversion rate on tablets

increase in page speed on desktops

increase in page speed on mobiles

increase in page speed on tablets




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