Freedom Health Insurance

By i3 Digital Ltd, United Kingdom
Freedom Health Insurance

Founded in 2003, Freedom Health Insurance is an award-winning family-run private medical insurance (PMI) provider based in Poole, United Kingdom. The organization wanted a more customer-centric website that would actively drive enquiries and online sales. Its successful transformation had an immediate impact on the business.

increase in visitor to lead conversion rate

New website reflecting the customer-centric approach  

Freedom Health Insurance offers flexible private personal, family, and business insurance products at competitive premiums to people living in the UK and overseas and provides a personalized and compassionate service. Priding itself on its company values of being caring, professional, honest, and ambitious, this business holds its own in a market dominated by major players.

During the website update project, a key emphasis was placed on optimizing the user journey and on guiding potential and existing customers to their specific content of interest, as well as helping them achieve their objectives via interactive online quotation tools in a self-service environment.

The new site needed to become the go-to place for insurance brokers, providing them with a highly secure dedicated portal with custom online quotation tools that support them in their selling process.  


The needs of Freedom Health Insurance were many and multifaceted:  

  • A more customer-centric website with streamlined user journeys
  • The ability to personalize content to enhance the user experience
  • Self-service areas with online user quote generation tool
  • Sales support for brokers, including broker portal with custom quotation tool
  • The ability to capture behavior and data for tracking and targeting  


The i3 Digital team was in charge of all UX design, prototyping, and web development, and selected Kentico (with ERP & CRM integration) as their digital experience platform of choice. Their vast experience with Kentico meant they were able to design and develop a highly bespoke solution that met all of Freedom Health Insurance’s objectives.

Freedom Health Insurance - blog
  • Kentico search – users now have a more intuitive and user-friendly search experience with predictive search
  • Web analytics and personalization – Freedom is now able to track site visitors and deliver more targeted content
  • Widgets and variants – content creation has been simplified and now offers flexible personalization capabilities
  • Consent and data protection – the company is able to comply with up-to-date GDPR legislation and requirements
  • Email marketing – interested users can easily sign up to receive relevant content
  • Flexible online forms – Freedom can capture relevant quote request information and enable potential customers to specify their interests
  • Kentico API – i3 Digital was able to develop the high level of customized functionality required to enable authentication and single sign-on between the main website and the broker quotation tool.
Freedom Health Insurance - documents


The new user-centric website incorporates a high level of complex functionality. The MVC build approach makes it easy to upgrade and update, even making it technologically future proof.

Having been fully optimized for a streamlined user journey, users can now easily navigate the site and get quotes online. The original custom quote tools (for brokers and individuals) have been redesigned and rebuilt to be fully integrated with Kentico’s user account management which leverages an API layer to enable users to log in or register for both the website and quote tool with single sign-on.  

Personal and broker quotes can be displayed, reviewed, and retrieved, meaning users can think about them and complete them at their own pace.  

Freedom Health Insurance - Quote page

The new site resulted in an immediate 63% increase in the Visitor to Lead Conversion Rate straight after launch and a 41% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. Bounce rate saw an instant 10% improvement (compared to the average from three months before launch) and a 5.4% improvement compared to the same period the previous year. Meanwhile, the 38% increase in the number of Pages/Sessions seen immediately after launch contributed to a 23% increase compared to the same period the previous year.

Why was Kentico the right choice for this project?

Freedom Health Insurance logo
Daniel Tamarjan
Digital Marketing Manager
Freedom Health Insurance

We needed a digital experience platform that allowed us to integrate the website with internal systems and APIs and could also support an online broker portal. 

improvement in Bounce Rate
increase in the number of Pages per Session
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