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Fenerbahce Sports Club
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Fenerbahce is a major Turkish multi-sport club which is a parent to a number of different competitive departments including football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, swimming, sailing, boxing, and rowing. The club has won numerous European and domestic titles over the club’s long history. This huge organization needed an up-to-date, responsive, and personalized website to be an umbrella website to connect its fans, members, athletes, and shareholders.

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Fenerbahce Sports Club’s former website was built in 2005 and was not updated until the new Kentico build. Fenerbahce’s administration wanted everyone related to their club, from fans to shareholders, to benefit from the new website and therefore needed an innovative digital presence.

There were some desired features such as preparing polls, exporting the results effectively, easy content management, user-specific roles permission and giving different access and showing different content to different types of users, scheduled publishing, and so on. Kentico features such as customized admin panel or ready-to-use and customizable web parts made every requested feature easier to achieve. Furthermore, Kentico’s Marketing Automation features made emailing very convenient for the customer.

Everything resulted in increased efficiency and saved the customer time and money, improved the interaction with fans, members and shareholders, and also provided visibility for some of the sport branches that didn’t have their own websites.

Fenerbahce has many other plans for this website that are currently in progress, such as building a virtual tour of their legendary stadium and their museum, building a ‘Fenerpedia’, a wiki exclusive to their fans, allowing fans to form the match line up which will contribute to the core values of the club by interacting with the fans. Furthermore, they are also planning to renew ‘Fenerium’, the e-commerce website on Kentico.


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