Equip Super

By Luminary, Australia
Site of the Year Finalist 2016
Equip Super

Equip is an Australian superannuation (retirement) fund that has been helping Australians to build their wealth and plan for retirement since 1931. Equip wanted to create a fresh, modern, and responsive site that would be easy to administer and would facilitate personalised content in the future. Since launch, all key engagement indicators have shown significant improvement.

increase in pages per session

All information under one roof

Equip needed a site that would be efficient to manage as well as providing a platform for future personalisation. One of the biggest challenges was the high volume of information that needed to be housed on-site. The site also needed to be able to cater for different fund members with different levels of access to on-site content. Further, strict compliance requirements apply to superannuation so it was essential to have a way to ensure that information throughout the site would remain accurate and consistent.

Technology Solutions

  • Custom Tables have allowed Get Started to set up a glossary that applies across the site–so whenever a relevant term is used, a tool tip will automatically appear allowing the user to look up the term without having to leave the page.
  • In addition, creating Lookup Tables in Kentico enabled the delivery of hidden fields of information to specific member types.


A key part of Equip’s strategy with the new site was to use the blog to support push campaigns to fund members. This has been spectacularly successful, with blog items now accounting for around 40% of the most popular pages on the site. This can be attributed to a redesign that has seen blog views jump by more than 200%.

In the six months since launch on July 6, 2016, this site has recorded improvements in engagement metrics across the board, including:

increase in the number of users

seconds increase in average time on site

increase in page views

drop in bounce rate




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